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Chisholm: Raptors could be active at trade deadline (Barbosa buyout?)

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    Apollo wrote: View Post
    Here's a scenario for you, what if:

    • He's not in their long term plans
    • They can't work a trade by the deadline
    • They know he won't be back
    • They're not really in the playoff picture
    • They're hoping for a high lottery pick during a highly important phase in the rebuild

    What would a buyout do for them? Save them money while tactfully helping them with their chances at the #1 pick.
    Also helps out barbosa. Who BC drafted and has a good connection with. Might see something sneaky like what happend last year with dallas. Barbosa gets bought out. a contending team picks up barbosa (because the raps already told bosa to sign there for a chance to win and he does) and then that same team does a nice deal with the raptors as a thank you.


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      Deadallus wrote: View Post
      Having the worse record doesn't guarantee the first pick, in fact I think the majority of the time the first pick doesn't go to the worse team. Plus to finish worse than the Bobcats and Hornets they will need to drop waaayyy more players than just Barbosa. Those teams are awful.
      It does guarantee the lowest possible pick would be 4 though.


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        Raptomist wrote: View Post
        I think what Chisholm is saying is that Toronto wants to trade Barbosa but that other teams might not bite in the belief that once the trade deadline passes they'll have a shot at getting Leandro for the (pro-rated) vets minimum in the open market. They'll assume that once his trade value is gone, and since Barbosa has no future role with the team, the Raptors may as well negotiate a buyout to save a bit of coin and allow Barbosa to get in this year's playoff race as a free agent. So with his best poker face on, BC has to make the other GM's believe that if he doesn't get a good trade offer he'll keep Barbosa for the entire season.

        However, my concern initially was where is Chisholm getting this information from. It is the first I have ever heard of it. I'd like to see either another columnist say the same thing or Chisholm refer to a source. If not he is just talking out of his bum.


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          I like Chisholm quite a bit and I feel he's pretty bang on 9/10 times. But he has it wrong on this one. Although Bryan has recenlty talked about trading Barbosa, he has also talked about signing him to an extension in the past. If Bryan doesn't get fair value, I'm pretty sure he will do what he has done in the past and hang on to Barbosa, and take your chances signing him to an extension or a sign and trade. Even having the trade exception could be a tool for him going into the next season.


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            Colangelo seems to be taking the long view. Barbosa has three great years followed by an additional 3 okay years left in him (best guess). Colangelo wants this team to start peaking in the next 3 - 5 (I think) So while I love Babs...the man should be given a chance to contribute on a title contending team.. Chicago would probably be his best fit
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