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Superstars and Cap space

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  • Superstars and Cap space

    I'm not saying this will happen because we all for the most part know it wont.

    Do you think Howard and D Will (or any other superstars) would sign a max long term contract in Toronto if we had the cap space and a decent team behind them (Barg, Davis, Big Val, next years pick, DeRozan) ???

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    Simply put.......No


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      to flirt with the idea.. if we add a SF like MKG or barnes. then sign D.will & D.Howard.. that would be a very good starting 5..


      id have to think about season tickets if that happens..

      realisticly speaking.. they wont sign here!


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        do we even have the cap space for one max contract, let alone two?


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          zulfi wrote: View Post
          do we even have the cap space for one max contract, let alone two?
          As of now, no.


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            Only he with soul and understanding of what his legacy would be to have led a team in a foreign country to the first NBA title ...ever.... and forever be in the history books and be "king" in a country. Big fish in a small pond? Maybe. And he'd get the same money too.


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              They will not sign here and we do not have enough cap to sign them, but that does not mean we can not be a good team in the future. I am really hoping that we follow the Denver mould, and just make a solid team all around. Pick up multiple useful guys instead of just throwing all your money at 2 guys with commitment issues. I think Superstars are nice, but so many problems arise when you depend on 1 or 2 guys. For the first time in a while we see BC's plan in motion.

              Bosh, T-Mac, and Carter. All three of em were superstars(or becoming superstars) in Toronto, and all three of em left the Raps in shambles.

              The real question is not "Will Stars sign with us?" but "Should we sign these stars (if we can)?".

              T-Mac (though he was not a star in Toronto) wanted his own team.
              Carter wanted a bigger market.
              Bosh wanted Wade and Lebron.

              There are too many problems that can arise with big name players in Toronto. Winning, the market, and the spotlight. Things that have never really been associated with Toronto. Also things that superstars usually want. Toronto has never signed a superstar, I mean arguably the biggest offseason signing was Hedo. All the superstars this team has ever had have been developed and built up from the beginning.

              Would it be crazy to say that this organization and city is not built for superstars?
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                There is a slightly higher chance that Unicorns will show up in my backyard.
                “The saving of our world from pending doom will come, not through the complacent adjustment of the conforming majority, but through the creative maladjustment of a nonconforming minority.” - Martin Luther King


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                  Balls of Steel wrote: View Post
                  There is a slightly higher chance that Unicorns will show up in my backyard.
                  A golden unicorn at that.

                  Crazy thing is with the pieces Toronto has now, if you add those two that would be a serious team. Unfortunately most players in the NBA now a days are too stupid to see anything other than the city's name and millions of dollars in endorsements they would seem to be leaving behind. It's not just about winning anymore, it's about winning in the location of your choice. It's pretty sad to see what this league has become.