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Which Commentator/Journalist Do You Respect?

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    The Swirsk
    Jack Armstrong


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      DoNDaDDa wrote: View Post
      The Swirsk
      Jack Armstrong
      Obviously the Swirsk. I like Paul Jones as well. I tend to lean towards guys who have played at a high level (like the Swirsk) over puffy haired Matt Devlins.


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        hubie brown is the best

        dan shulman

        kevin harlan

        marv albert

        leo rautins
        "the raptors were my fav team growing up"-kevin durant


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          I lost a lot of respect for a lot of basketball "journalists" during the lockout. A lot of the reporting was guesswork or downright fabrication. The one guy who I thought distinguished himself through all of that was Aldridge who had a pretty balanced and keen perspective.

          In terms of Raptorland, I find that Chisholm and Wolstat have interesting things to say. Grange used to be the gold standard in Toronto but he has moved on. Smith plays it straight but I don't find him insightful, informative or new. I can't remember the last time Doug broke a Raptors story before a US guy.

          I used to like Jack but I am honestly getting tired of the schtick with him and Devlin constantly going on and on about 60s TV shows or singing or whatever. My wife just started watching BB this year and, as a totally casual fan, she finds them incredibly annoying. Not sure who that appeals to but it must focus group test well.


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            most respected: Jack

            most annoying but I got used to it: devlin (biased of course)

            most hated: kenny smith, colour commentator for the clippers, that guy who does the games for the warriors.


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              - Surprised Eric Koreen isn't getting more love. He's pretty good. Agree on Chisolm and Wolstat. Grange was the best when he was covering the beat.
              - NBA-wide, Aldridge is outstanding. I like Woj, but he can grind his ax every now and then.
              - Broadcasting isn't for hardcore fans, so I understand the frustration with Devlin and Jack. Part of their job is to entertain and keep more casual fans interested when the Raptors are getting blown out. I actually like their banter, and Jack is a favourite.
              - I hate Leo, condescending jackass. Worse though, are the occasions where Rod Black and Leo work together. Black has no business coming within 100 yards of a basketball court. The new TSN guy, Nabil Karim, is really good; would like to see him more often.
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                I love Miami's commentators. They are tremendous. TNT & ESPN are great as well.

                My top 3 are...

                Steve Kerr
                Jeff Van Gundy
                tommy heinson #2 (Jack Armstrong)
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                  I love Shaq, he brings a lot to more than people think. Because he just came off playing last year, he can talk about the guys he played against, or what coaches say i.e when Boston plays, he can talk about what Rondo is saying, or what goes through Pierces mind. Etc, Etc. He can talk about as well the pace of a game and all that sort of crap. He's hilarious as well.
                  Twitter: @ReubenJRD • NBA, Raptors writer for Daily Hive Vancouver, Toronto.


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                    Shaq is absolutely abysmal


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                      D.A is the best league wide.

                      For Raptors, I like Eric Smith.

                      Worst out of all of them is Leo.


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                        CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
                        I don't watch enough non-Raptors games to comment on the comparison, but I disagree that our announcers are good. Most of the time I wind up turning down the volume to not have to hear them, or I spend my time yelling at the tv to actually comment on the game going on. All the singing, talk of olympic team, talk of cell phones, yatta yatta yatta, I could care less about. I don't want to hear about their private lives or rambling on about whatever non-game crap they have an axe to grind about. Call the game, educate about the game for new/young fans, be mostly unbiased with just an ever so slight hint of homerism and stay on topic... that's what I'd like new announcers to be like.
                        I never said their good i said their decent. I don't mind Jack he's cool and he know wtf he's talkin about but devlin is sorta meh.


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                          jimmer has a point. They are just entertaining the casual fans or just trying to get your mind off the 20 point deficit. Jack is good tho, he knows what he's saying and he actually cares about the raps. Devlin is just there and i really don't know why, he doesn't even know what he's saying half the time. He just reads off some sheet of paper


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                            Paul Jones for me.


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                              The Good:

                              Hubie Brown is the man. I know a lot more about the game of basketball because of him.

                              Jack is awesome for entertainment. And if I miss the game on TV and I'm in my car, then I like Paul and Eric as well.

                              Kevin Calabro is very good as well, I believe he does mostly Lakers games these days. I know him from NBA Inside Drive 2003(great game), and he used to do Sonics games way back.

                              Dan Shulman is the man at everything he does, one of the best ever IMO. Being that he's from T.O. doesn't hurt as well!

                              The Bad:

                              I despise Stephen A. Smith (Steven should be spelled with a V you dipshit!)

                              I also hated the broadcast duo of Bill Walton and Steve "Snapper" Jones back when the Raps were doing OK back in the late 90's early 00's. Walton was such a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiner. Whyyyy was he allllways whiiiiiining?


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                                who's the dude who does alot of the playoff games. He always has these sweet remarks, i have no idea what his name is. All i can tell you is that from the sound of his voice he sounds black and he did the Mavs vs Thunder playoff series. Here i think i have a video:

                                at the 0.23 mark the guy who says "Excuse me i have an appointment with the rim" anyone know who that is?