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    speedbag wrote: View Post
    You should pay more attention to his game.
    So if you say he's the best defender on a Raptor uniform, that means you haven't seen Doug Christie, who was KNOWN as a perimeter stopper. James Johnson lets up points, sure he blocks shots and grabs defensive rebounds, but he wasn't really stopping guys from scoring. Don't get me wrong, I've been loving James Johnson's game on both ends of the court, but his defense is not amazing, but its pretty good.
    We were talking about Marvin Williams' defense. I see his offense, and I've talked about his better decisions, better shots, aggressiveness, I've seen it. It's been helping the team, plus he has better ball-handling than Derozan..

    You should read more of the threads.


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      CT2010 wrote: View Post
      Prove it. What is your opinion based on?
      They don't just play defense at the same rate, but they play offense at the same rate.

      For forwards.

      PER #56 Marvin Williams #57 James Johnson

      Btw, I meant "doesn't give up as much" as he doesn't get scored on any less.


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        yeah your argument just shot itself in the foot the moment you showed us they have virtually identical stats.
        The Baltic Beast is unstoppable!