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New CBA + Great Revenue Sharing = NO MORE EXCUSES

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  • New CBA + Great Revenue Sharing = NO MORE EXCUSES

    The "Big Spender" punishing CBA is in place and will start hurting a team near you shortly. This is old news.

    I have not heard much about the NBA's revenue sharing plans since the lockout had ended. Back then there were only rumors circulating that the Owners were working on it. Well, according to Joe Maloof, one of the owners of the Sacramento Kings, revenue sharing has undergone a big change:
    Joe Maloof reiterated that the family finances are in order, and added that the league's new, post-lockout revenue-sharing plan is "a game-changer for every small market."

    "Shoot, it's five times greater than it was before," Maloof said. "Things are different now because with revenue sharing, you have an opportunity with a small-market team to compete with the large market. So our position now [compared to] a couple years ago is completely different. We've got cap space. We're going to have revenue sharing.

    "It's great for all the small markets, for the Utahs of the world, and the Portlands, the San Antonios. The league did a really good job with that. We can do very well with it."

    So there you have it. Unless I missed some very major news on sports site and on here then no one is talking about this improved revenue sharing. It's not making headlines like you'd assume it would. So maybe Mr.Maloof inadvertently broke some major news here. Either way, what do you feel this means to the Raptors? I'm not going to argue the level of significance but as the title suggest, there are no more excuses. MLSE, build us a winner damn it!


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    I thought the new revenue sharing was being eased in - much like the new luxury tax is being applied.

    Regardless of the details, I 100% agree the revenue sharing is a big deal and it does help level the playing field financially. Unfortunately, as was discussed numerous times in the lockout thread, true parity will never be reached for a variety of reasons - but at least the pendulum is shifting back towards the middle versus the previous extreme.


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      sounds great.... lets hope Rogers/Bell dont just pocket the cash.. which i suspect they would..


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        Weren't the Raptors one of the few profitable teams under the old cap? If so, I don't see revenue sharing really helping them. They probably won't receive much if anything from the program, and if anything it's just going to mean that a bunch of small market teams will have extra cash and will be more willing to overspend on the free agency market. Under the old CBA, we could be assured that if we were willing to overspend, we could get just about any mediocre UFA we wanted, because the big teams had no cap space and the small-market teams had no money. Now the small market teams have extra cash and the big market teams will be working harder to get into a good cap position. If anything, it means that building through the draft is even more important, as will be picking up cheap, quality UFAs.


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            dondadda wrote: View Post
            sounds great.... Lets hope rogers/bell dont just pocket the cash.. Which i suspect they would..
            only suspect?????????


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              The main thing this is going to help is the teams that were in trouble of going under. The luxury tax is the thing that is going to really even up the playing field.
              "Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival."



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                Raptors have been in the upper 50% of profitability since almost year one. Making money has never been this teams problem. That's why it was so easy for the teachers pension fund to sell the team.


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                  When the system starts to make it financially onerous to spend over the cap and there is sharing of revenue is when any fan anywhere can start to truly hold their own ownership and GMs' accountable for the product/team on the floor.


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                    As the league heads into this new system scouting and talent evaluation will be extremely important....and dumbass Jim Buss fired his entire scouting staff and thinks cousin 'Chaz' can learn to judge talent by watching 24 (seriously) college games.

                    Lakers are going to hell in a hand basket in a few years.

                    Raps on the other hand have BC, Stefanski...


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                      On the same topic of talent evaluation... anybody knows who discovers the future Ginobilis and Parkers for the Raps? I guess Mr. Gherardini manages the scouting in Europe... what about the other continents?


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                        Guys, I want to make a distinction here because some people are misunderstanding. Profitability has to do with revenue less expenses. Revenue sharing is determined solely based on revenue and not expenses. To say a team is profitable or not is not a good indicator of revenue. If revenue sharing was determined based on profitability then a team like the Mavericks, who clearly have high revenue, would be receiving equalization payments because they're not profitable. The reason they're not profitable is because they have high expenses. On the flip side right now a team like the Pistons this season may very well be profitable because they don't have nearly as high a cap number as the Mavs... Yet their revenue is probably dwarfed by what Cuban brings in.

                        What revenue sharing would accomplish would be to make the Mavs even less profitable under their current practices but potentially make smaller market teams sustainable and more competitive if they choose to use some of the extra money to build a strong team and in turn hopefully improve gate numbers and other revenues by offering the better product.

                        According to Forbes, Toronto is 14th in revenue(and 14th in Operating income).
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