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  • 100% in Chemistry.

    Was it just me, or did anyone see that "CPR revive gesture" after Leandro Barbosa scored that AND-1 bucket?

    It just brought a warmth to me that this team has good chemistry, and they just enjoy playing in front of this Toronto crowd.

    I loved it, plus Demar had a 'confident' gesture after one of those kobeseque moves, where he got fouled, and then turned his back around toward the Houston bench, and than showed his gesture, with a smile.

    I don't know, I just love seeing these kind of emotions from a team that doesn't really show much emotion or 'confidence'.

    What do you guys think?

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    Ya I loved that little scene. Nice to see our guys having fun, especially Leandro who may be one of our more 'targeted' players before the trade deadline.


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        Dwight and Big Baby did it a couple months back...made Shaq's "Shaqtin a fool" IIRC...BUT when a douche like GLEN DAVIS isnt involved, its alright.

        Oh how I detest glen davis...


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          Its good to see Barbosa, DeMar and Amir having fun out there. DeMar looked real Kobe out there, his release is getting really Kobe-like.


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            For reasons I dont know about Leandro is very much liked within the I am not surprised at that shot. There was also another very funny shot last season of him and a grinning Reggie holding hands as they headed to the dressing room after a win.


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              I think it's a great sign all around. You want them to play for each other. The fact that Leandro is such a black hole in the offense and his teamates like him is a great sign. It means the team is close (enough). It means the guys want to play hard for each other and don't hold mistakes against each other as long as they play hard and to win. It's great to have this culture in place even without a true franchise player because whether we draft one/develop one (JV, Bargs, or someone else???), or acquire one, it makes the team appealing. Guys across the league will know the Raptors play for each other, play hard and play to win.


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                In that play I wanted barbosa to throw it to demar for a dunk. He is selfish at times but ya I agree the chemistry is much better