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    Pretty cool to look at, though it only shows up to '06..

    interesting is that back in the 60s, there was approximately DOUBLE the total rebounds per team per game than in '06!
    Also scoring is way down then it used to be.
    In the 80's FG% was at the highest, but at the same time 3ptFG% was way way below the average of todays game.

    Wish I could compare this season with last, if anyone finds a similar statistics table thats been updated Id really appreciate it !
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      Thanks Miekenstien! Though I am not about to do the actual calculations it is very very clear that almost ALL the teams are experiencing lower FG% when compared to last year, and if you just scroll down in FG% descending order you'll notice how the top is heavy with 2010-2011 teams while the bottom is heavy with 2011-2012 teams!
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        Charlotte, Utah, New Jersey, and Milwaukee are the ONLY teams to have increased their FG%, everyone else has dropped!!
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          enlightenment wrote: View Post
          I understand what you mean by his abilities have not regressed,it may just be his current play that has, and in that sense i completely agree. Ive always been the one to maintain hopes for demar, and I still believe he'll become a great player based on potential.

          At the same time you cannot argue against the fact that his play on the court this year has been noticeably worse than previous years, and in that term he's regressed in the sense of his play rather than his abilities.

          I love demar though, specifically because of his work ethic I believe he will improve in those aspects of his game that lack (we've seen him take significant steps in terms of capabilities since his rookie campaign). Handling and consistent shooting will come, Im not worried about him.

          I still find it peculiar to see him and others (like Young) regressing in play when historically at this time of their careers (the cliche: the third year should tell you what kind of player he'll be) they should be improving or reaching their potential. Id like to know why he's regressed (in play) and if it is a league wide phenomena in this shortened season?
          Well by the conditions of the season, new coaching staff, new system, more higher expectations, he can basically say he's playing with a chip on his shoulder because of so much hype.

          I'm not worried about him either, I really believe he will be the guy the Raptors count on down the road in the future, I just hope this isn't the year that shows ''him''.
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