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    Entertaining but strange game to watch last night. Just posting this review to see if anyone can remember a similar one. You would have thought the handwriting was on the wall when at the end of the half, with plenty of time left in the shot clock, Gay launches a 3 that misses, AB grabs the rebound and we head into the half up 4. But what really happened? AB decides to pass the ball back to the Tams and Mayo hits a last second three to cut the lead to one. But the raps extend their lead in the 4th. Cue the last 7 seconds of the 4th. In seven seconds..Gay makes a three to cut it to one...AB takes care of business with both free throws (up three)..JJ sets a record for the fastest foul fouling Conley 100 yards from the bucket but Conley splits his throws (up two)...Forbes (in the first game of the rest of his life) gets a chance to ice it at the line..and misses the second (up three)...this time the raps don't foul (the previous record setter JJ had fouled out) and with 0.9 seconds left, Rudy F'n Gay ties it up with a three. Can someone tell him it's not Groundhog Day?!. The only thing crazier would have been if AB, who was actually open for a half court pass with 0.5 left, had his half court shot be two inches shorter and go in instead of hitting the back rim. All in 7 seconds. OT. BTW, in that last seven seconds, the Grizz have to foul twice. Both fouls by this...15 seconds into overtime, Gay gets called for a soft reach foul...and fouls out!... Everybody misses their free throws....Mayo blows a dunk..Bayless puts everyone in a trance as he goes back and forth to the rim...and then, playing with 5 fouls, takes a charge...Tony Allen in crunch time, jumps up for an uncontested, open rebound...and throws it into the crowd (on the plus side, he did not tear his ACL on the landing)...15 seconds left.(up 2)..Bayless at the line with a chance to ice it...makes the first!...makes the second!..two possession game! Wait...what?! A lane violation?! On the shooter?! This ref has been watching too much March Madness. The refs hate us!...Conley get's called for a carry...the refs love us! Amir splits his free throws (of course)...Grizz need a last second three..and Bayless fouls Conley in the act of shooting (ahem)...Conley misses his second FT, intentionally misses the third (though it had a better shot of going in than the second one)...Grizz get the rebound but lose it out of bounds and Demar becomes the voice of reason sinking the last two free throws to finish the game. Or, as Rick Kamla said on NBA Gametime this morning, the Raptors won easily over the Grizz.
    Just to put all that in context, with the last three plays of the 4th quarter and overtime, the raps had three point leads three times. The plan was to foul on all of them. On the first, they foul right away, leaving way too much time. On the second, they can't foul and a last second three is made to tie the game. And to complete the trifecta, they get the foul but in the act of shooting. How did the Raptors actually win this game? I think Z Bo must have done something bad in a past life (and by a past life, I mean with the Knicks).

    Anyways, anybody else remember a finish like that? This one doesn't count

    That was just one shot.