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    Sometime between 1999 and 2001 at whatever shithole bar it was where Century Room is now (Mockingbird maybe?)

    Walking through packed crowd outside on the patio. Girlfriend in front of me. Steve Nash, SUPER HAPPY HAMMERED, standing ahead of us, half dancing on the spot with his beer, staring at her. She walks past him. I must have been walking with my hands on her shoulder or something - Nash grabs my shoulders IS THAT YOUR GIRLFRIEND? Me: (half laughing) yeah. Nash: (yelling into my ear) WOWWWWW SHE'S BEAUUUUUUTIFUL, MAN. ME: Yeah, thanks. Nash: (pats my chest) YOU KEEP BEING GOOD TO HER, OKAY? Me: sure, Steve. He's momentarily distracted by something (shiny object, who knows) and then yells at his friends. I keep walking. The end.


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      early-mid 2000s
      Pearson, super early in the morning
      Jalen Rose and Moe Pete walking through looking like 12 year olds with their backpacks and headphones and junk food first thing in the morning.
      I say have a good flight guys don't eat the chicken
      They laugh and say You too, man.
      The end.


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        I was in Phoenix and ended up going to this up-scale mall in Scottsdale. I was walking with my friend and not looking where I was going when I caught somebody right in front of me from the corner of my eye. I stopped on a dime to avoid crashing into them and when I looked ahead, was met by a chest. I'm 6'3 so that's pretty rare. When I looked up, one of my all-time favourites, Dennis Rodman was staring back at me. I was so caught off guard that I didn't really think to say anything other than a typical friendly Canadian "oops, sorry." He responded with "no problem" and and a chuckle in that trademark low, raspy voice and we were both on our way; me with my friend and him with his two porn star floozies on his arms.