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March 21 - Chicago Bulls

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    NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
    Well i disagree i highly doubt Bc will give up on Demar. The reason he's playing so average is because we don't have that guy who attracts the defense, bargs does but his game as been very off since that injury. We need a stud SF who can drain 3's and just attract defenders, also we have Big V coming over and he'll be a pretty good paint presence too both offensively and defensively. IMO its better choosing a SF, for all we know demar might end up making a huge jump next season with a full summer.
    It's frustrating how little he impacts the game in aspects other than scoring, which he doesn't even do at an elite level.


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      akashsingh wrote: View Post
      It's frustrating how little he impacts the game in aspects other than scoring, which he doesn't even do at an elite level.
      He really impacts the start of a game when he starts shooting well in the first 12 minutes, the 1st quarter and the 3rd quarter is usually where his scoring comes from, unlike last season where he was scoring every quarter, having a large impact on the game.

      I've been disappointed by this year's season in Demar, but being the conditions of the season I wasn't surprised.


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        Matt52 wrote: View Post
        confusing and disHEARTening
        Meh, Bargs is what he is. He's had stretches like the start of the year before where he looks awesome for 20 games and you think he's figured it out and then it's back to mediocre. It wasn't like the first 13 games this year were an anomaly. Heck, I remember the NJ series in 07 where he came in and was HUGE in those games. I recall saying to my buddy that I was wrong about Bargs and took back everything I said, kid was going to be a star. Then 2007-10 happened. I am completely ambivalent about Bargnani, I just don't think you can win with them as a focal point of your team.

        As for the Bulls, they are such a good team. They play incredibly hard, intelligent, efficient basketball. They are prepared and well-coached. I would love to cheer for a team like that one day. Give the Raps credit though, they hung in there against a tough team for three quarters and just got beat by a better team. No shame in that. But a game like this shows how far the Raps have to go.

        Speaking of which, remember that thread about how Bargnani coming back was bad for the tank? How people were worried about squeaking into the playoffs? Yep, those were the times....


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          That is a cutesy/funny avatar. Is the pooch a Gold. Retriever?