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Lets draft another PF.

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  • Lets draft another PF.

    Everyone knows the raptors needs help at every position, while it would be easy to select a SF to fill our void,
    I'm here to make a case for selecting a PF, Jared Sullinger that is.

    Jared Sullinger - 6'9 weight in at 265lb according to, with an average of 17.4 pts/ 9.1 rbs/ 1.2 ast
    those stats compares favorably to Kevin Love while he's with the bruins. If the raptors draft Sully, he would bring a much needed post game to the raptors. As of right now, the raptors are a jump-shooting team with no real post-up threats: Amir and ED can't consistently provide interior scoring, Barg still prefers to play on the perimeter, and JV is still raw (according to most scout report). Sully's ability to operate from the post will instantly give raps another dimension they have not seen in a while.

    In addition to his post game, Sullinger brings with him a 265 lbs frame, now that might be more of a red flag than quality to some, but Sullinger uses that weight to his advantage, establishing position, boxing out, creating space...etc.

    I understand we have a plethora of PF on the Raps, but after this seasons performance, I don't think any of them have solidified themselves as part of our core going forward (beside Barg-judging from his pre-injury games). Amir is a good back-up, ED provides good rebounding+defensive but seems limited on the offensive side, very limited.
    As for what to do with our plethora of bigs, I would say trade them (*just throwing ideas out there.)
    I'm not sure what we can get for Amir (I think he's the heart of the team, so I wouldn't mind keeping him).
    Perhaps a package of DD+ ED can net us another lottery pick this year?

    I think a front court of JV, Barg and Sullinger would wreck havoc for the rest of the league, a front court with these players would have the length, the skill and the muscle to battle against any team's front court.