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    Honestly, of the current roster, I don't care who is here next year. Anyone or any asset or any combination who can return legit starting talent is fair game. Also, not knowing the # draft pick makes it tough to make a confident guess.

    Top 5 most likely to be back from current roster in my opinion:

    1) Bargnani
    2) Kleiza
    3) JJ
    4) Amir
    5) Gray

    Or is that who I hope returns? I'm struggling with my objectivity here.


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      Matt52 wrote: View Post
      Honestly, of the current roster, I don't care who is here next year.
      In case anyone was wondering, this is the correct response.


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        I'm first going to say that our roster is flawed as hell, and while we have good pieces, we don't have a franchise player or anyone who can dominate the game for stretches. Bargs was doing that at times before getting injured, and it looks like his conditioning and rhythm took a big enough hit for the rest of his season to be in the crapper.

        1) Bargnani: These games aside since his return from injury, we know he can score, and we know no one else on our team can. Keeping him will also make Jonas' transition easier, giving him more space to get comfortable.
        2) Jose: Young teams need good PGs. I don't want to watch a PG develop(unless it's a sure thing), and it slows the development of guys like Jonas, or anybody else we've got. If we get a young guy, Jose is a good guy to have until he's ready, if we don't, Jose is solid.
        3)Ed: I think in the end Ed may win out over Amir. It's really hard to get value back and in this season, you won't get a high pick since it's loaded with forwards. Ed is smarter, brings many similar skills, is younger and frankly brings more refined tools to the game. Amir just plays all out, but he's barely improved in skill and IQ over the years. Give Ed the chance to see if he can develop his game at all.
        4)JJ: Seems like he fits into what Casey wants. Has shown enough to think he might have another year or two of growth, even if limited. Maybe he won't be here long term, or even at the end of next year, but I feel like it's pretty safe to say he'll be around when training camp rolls around.
        5)....Shit, coming up with 4 is hard enough. I'll say Demar, because he's still young and definitely has enough athleticism and talent to improve.

        Note: Most people might put Gray up there. And he might be a pretty safe bet. He's been ok for us and might be a good guy to have in order to ease JV in. Not sure it's that difficult to replace him though so I'm sure he won't be a priority.
        I don't think anyone on the roster is totally safe, and the closest thing is Bargs. If Casey and BC believe in pieces they have now, I think they like Bargs and hope JV fits in right next to him. I think Ed, Demar, Amir, Bayless, JJ and Kleiza are all movable to BC since none have shown to be exceptional, but for Ed, Demar and JJ the deal would have to be pretty sweet given their cheap contracts. I put Jose so high just because the only way I see BC giving him up before his deal expires is if he thinks he has a real shot to get Deron Williams or something.


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          To guess what will happen months from now is a little difficult without knowing a lot of things like draft position, etc.. I think a better question would be who is the one Raptor you would like to remain a Raptor at the start of next year.

          My top 5 guesses as to who Bryan will keep are:

          #1 Bargnani (he's stuck with him for 6 years, why not a 7th?)
          #2 Demar (still on rookie contract, and has gotten a tonne of development time - aka Bargnani 2.0)
          #3 Kleiza (for JV's development - although I think that's not required - check what Utah did with Okur)
          #4 Forbes (has another year on his contract and is cheap)
          #5 Calderon (did not give up on him during the season - not too many PG studs in draft - he's coming back)

          Now if I had to pick one guy I'd like to see come back it would probably be Amir. I think he's a good big to have coming off the bench - and a spot he'd have no problem playing.


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            1 = Andrea Bargnani (Anthony Davis is most appreciated.)
            2 = Demar Derozan (Too much potential to give up on.)
            3 = James Johnson (Our most important player, Casey's go-to guy defensively, good potential)
            4 = Jose Calderon (With the elite names of PURE point guards in the game, one of the best at finding teammates)
            5 = Linas Kleiza (I would totally trade him if it wasn't for Valanciunas coming in.)
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              1) Bargnani
              2) Derozan
              3) James Johnson
              4) Bayless
              5) One of either Amir Johnson Or Ed Davis

              I think Calderon is trade bait.
              "Defense wins championships."


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                Barg, JJ, Eddy, DD, and Jose


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                  When we think about who stays next year we have to look at - what he brings to the team and his contract value.

                  Taking both into account I would say the right order is something like this:
                  1. DD
                  2. JJ
                  3. Ed
                  5. Bayless

                  However they are all expendable.


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                      Soft Euro wrote: View Post
                      Those damn rules; and I even had Colangelo at #2;

                      1 James Johnson
                      2 Linas Kleiza
                      3 Ed Davis
                      4 DeMar DeRozan
                      5 Aaron Gray
                      I was actually thinking of putting JJ on the Top as well. He would be on the list "I" want to have back next season, but I dont think he's the Raps top priority. I think Bargnani and DD still are.

                      But JJ is a stat stuffer. If he can just get at least 30mins a game and get his shooting down, I actually think he can be an all-star. He's like a young, more athletic Turk. It was awesome watching him go coast to coast and set Demar for the oop.


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                        b2kelly wrote: View Post
                        Only one list with Bayless on it.. I love where your guys heads are at, gives me hope!
                        He's probably my 6th.

                        Just because he's going to be a FA.


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                          1. Bargs
                          2. DD
                          3. Jose
                          4. JJ
                          5. Amir


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                            1) Bargs
                            2) Jose
                            3) JJ
                            4) Amir
                            5) Demar

                            Bayless hasn't shown shit. If he's here he'll be gone by the trade deadline... I hope.


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                              I'm with Tmar

                              . Bargs
                              2. DD
                              3. Jose
                              4. JJ
                              5. Amir


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                                1. DeMar DeRozan
                                2. Ed Davis
                                3. Amir
                                4. James johnson
                                5. Andrea Bargnani