No announcement yet.'s Steve Aschburner on Dwane Casey, and the Toronto Raptors

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  •'s Steve Aschburner on Dwane Casey, and the Toronto Raptors

    Nice read. Lifts my spirit.

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    Yeah I saw this too, nice read, optimistic and realistic!


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      How funny was the quote of how Colangelo promoted the raps to Casey?

      "But the parallels to Dallas intrigued him -- "a slow-footed, non-defensive player and an aging point guard" is how Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo described it, shakily connecting dots between Andrea Bargnani-Dirk Nowitzki and Jose Calderon-Jason Kidd -- so Casey made his move"

      Sad, but funny.


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        Wow, JV an LKL all star game MVP, that sure is credible and incredible, almost so credible as playing against a women team. Could have found better comparison, such as efficiency standings in cups, never mind, just found it ridiculous. Well, and yes, the Bargnani and Calderon comparisons were too honest, hehe.
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          Nice read.

          Im just wondering tho why the press keeps insisting that this season is a disappointment?? I think every should know, or should i say shouldve known even before the season started that the Raptors are not playing for anything. Even Steven Harper probably knows that this team is rebuilding and should not expect anything from them.