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Honestly, I couldn't care less about tanking.

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  • Honestly, I couldn't care less about tanking.

    It's kind of getting on my nerves reading post-game articles make tongue-in-cheek references to "Tank Nation" or "Tank Hopes" and how this win or that win cost us damn lottery balls.

    Watching the Raptors win always lifts my spirit up so much, be it the last game of a hopeless season or against the Bobcats. I don't care. I seriously don't give a damn about tanking for Anthony Davis sweepstakes. Although him or MKG would give Raps some serious upgrade next season, I would rather see Raptors put in 100% and win as many games as possible even if they end up with the 10th pick just for the sake of confidence in your existing roster and the goddamn soul of the game. I really, really hate teams coming in with a losing mindset... the game gets decided even before the tip.

    Talking about the draft, remember what happened last year? we were pegged at #3 and dropped to #5. Thankfully, we ended up with the guy we wanted, but lottery balls fluctuate a bit too much to rely upon and commit to losing. It anyways looks like a crapshoot for the Raps if they are out of top-2 (and no, Brad Beal or Thomas Robinson is not in the same league as Davis or MKG).
    I really don't think Casey is the type of guy who'd tolerate his players losing focus, but I wouldn't be surprised if more than a couple of coaches have already mailed it in for the rest of the season. I just don't want the Raptors to do that.

    I feel teams look at Thunder and think maybe if they got a Durant-calibre player, they'll start contending. But they don't realize that in the process they lose the interest and respect of the fans for not playing the game the right way.

    Can anyone back me up on this or the tank train is running full speed?