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Miami HEAT - March 30 (preview 39) Ahhhh, CB feels bad for struggling Raptors.

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    haha that dude is hilarious. I love how black people react sometimes, its too funny.


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      The Fox wrote: View Post
      Why all the Bosh hate? He rarely if ever took a play off when he was with the Raps. He was a hard worker and did an admirable job. We're ripping on the guy because he's not a number one option? Please...
      I think a lot of folks are under the impression he strung BC along about whether he was coming back to TO or not. If he had been definite about leaving, BC could have traded him for some assets. Apparently he didn't like the team/management well enough to extend that courtesy. Of course, nothing says a player has to do that. But it seems a little like the difference between telling your partner it's not working and you are going to move out, or having them come home from work and seeing all the furniture gone.


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        I'm just glad he did go. Clearly with him as the franchise player, things were just not working out well.

        Maybe with different coaching (implying a Casey-type) and/or management, things would've gone differently? In the absence of that possibility, I see it as a blessing that he's gone, with no disguise.

        He kinda set himself up there with the tough time test thing though, lol. He should've thought that statement through before letting it go.

        Edit: Just saw the anchorman sequel video thing. JAZZ FLUTE! Awesome.
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          Matt52 wrote: View Post
          Isn't that just precious.

          Personally, I think Bosh can go eat a big F-U sandwich.

          The Raptors might be struggling in the standings but anyone paying attention can see the progression of the team. I feel better about the Raptors now than I have in years. Depending on how the off-season goes, I might be ecstatic soon enough.

          So how are you feeling these days?

          Good, Bad, Indifferent?

          plus he lied and ensured Raps got little return so as to keep assets in his destination
          "I may be wrong ... but I doubt it"


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            worst part is he bailed on the team while they were struggling. does he know that anyone who doesn't want to work for something can join the best player in the world and then look down their noses at people?

            we can all be proud that our players lose with dignity and don't cry like bitches.

            he doesn't get a sandwich. he can deep throat a 12 fu sub without gagging.

            seems like he wants us to boo him though because whenever miami comes to toronto is the only time he is in the spotlight. give him nothing and let this be about bron and wade. he will shut up and go away.


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              I am very excited about the future. Although I do think that getting into the playoffs will be a stretch next year. I mean, if we follow the OKC model, it took them three seasons to make the playoffs after drafting Kevin Durant.

              Lets say, JV or this year's draftee becomes the cornerstone of the franchise. Realistically, they would need a couple of more years to get better, grow together and accumulate complimentary pieces to finally get to a consistent competitive level. The future is bright, but let's be realistic about the time frame.

              As for Bosh...I can understand his sympathy towards his former team mates. From what I remember, him and Jose were pretty good friends, and you'd have to be a pretty heartless bastard to not feel anything when you see your friends struggle or get hurt.


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                true but the west was stronger back then. The east is still not as strong either so making the playoffs isn't as hard


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                  Tmar wrote: View Post
                  As for Bosh...I can understand his sympathy towards his former team mates. From what I remember, him and Jose were pretty good friends, and you'd have to be a pretty heartless bastard to not feel anything when you see your friends struggle or get hurt.
                  I made this point in a previous post....dont u think it's rather disingenuous of him to express all this heartache about his ex-teammates when it was he who ditched them. Now, he had every right to leave but it was the weasely way he did it. He took full advantage of BC and by extension the team and us fans by expressing a "commitment" to "work with" BC to ensure a decent return to the Raps if he did in fact decide to leave. It was a stringalong so he could execute the plan to go to Miami. I could go on but its all been said before. BC has always been upfront with his players and in fact goes out of his way often at expense to the org to help them in buyouts and trades etc. He has never spoken negatively of one but did so in a brief lapse about Bosh because he felt taken advantage of in a matter of trust.


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                    Miami HEAT - March 30

                    ESPN Preview:

                    Coming off yet another win at home, the Miami Heat hope they can take that momentum and finally start to turn things around on the road.

                    The Heat look to make it seven straight wins over the Toronto Raptors when the teams meet Friday night at Air Canada Centre.

                    After back-to-back losses at Oklahoma City and Indiana, Miami responded with a 106-85 win over visiting Dallas on Thursday in a rematch of last year's NBA finals.

                    It was the first time in seven games the Heat (36-13) topped 100 points. After averaging 88.3 in the previous three games, they had 60 at the half against the Mavericks. LeBron James and Chris Bosh led six players in double figures with 19 points apiece.

                    "We just worked our habits," James said. "The best thing about tonight, we didn't take another step backwards like we did the last two games. And it was good to see."

                    James shot 8 of 16, perhaps at least temporarily quieting concerns after he dislocated his ring finger on his non-shooting hand in the loss to the Pacers on Monday. He's also been dealing with a troublesome right elbow and hadn't shot better than 45.0 percent in five straight games before Thursday.

                    Coach Erik Spoelstra is eager to see if his team, which has won 15 straight at home, can carry that success over to the road.

                    Miami has lost six of eight away from American Airlines Arena, averaging 91.3 points. The last two losses to the Thunder and Pacers were by an average of 15.5 points.

                    "It's time for a response on the road," Spoelstra said. "We will take this win. This is a great team win against a very good team. But we have to move on and now let's take care of business on the road."

                    Taking better care of the ball would help improve the Heat's road play. They've averaged 17.8 turnovers in their last four games away from home.

                    A visit to Toronto could also help.

                    The Heat made it six straight wins over the Raptors with a 95-89 victory on Feb. 5 behind 30 points from James, who is averaging 28.6 points in his last 13 meetings with the Raptors.

                    Toronto has a chance to win two in a row for the first time since Jan. 24-25, but will have to withstand the loss of backup point guard Jerryd Bayless, who is expected to miss the remainder of the season after an MRI on Tuesday revealed a partial tear of his left oblique.

                    The Raptors (17-34) responded to that bad news with a 105-96 win over Denver on Wednesday, snapping a two-game losing streak.

                    Andrea Bargnani scored 26 points, Jose Calderon added 10 points and 10 assists and Toronto rallied from six down in the final quarter, holding the Nuggets to 3-of-20 shooting in the period.

                    Bargnani's 26 points were his most since returning from a 26-game absence with a calf injury. He scored five straight points to put the Raptors up 103-96 with 2:35 left.

                    "He had a pep in his step," coach Dwane Casey said. "He had the same pep that he had prior to the injury. I wanted to go to him as much as possible and make sure we took advantage of it."

                    DeMar DeRozan returned with 17 points after missing the previous two games with a sore left ankle.

                    Time for Bargnani to show up for 2 consecutive games and to tell Bosh to take his sympathy and shove it up his bottom.


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                      That "pep in the step" comment by Casey about Bargs performance had a funny addon/prefix to it...."I dont know if it's his uncle coming into town or what it is but...." .


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                        Welcome back CB. I'm a fan of his heart and hard-work and what he brought all the time..

                        I'm counting one for the tank, and I look to see Demar get some tonight.
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                          Oh my Jose what is happening.
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                            Holy. Shit.
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                              That's Demar Derozan for you.
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                                Jack's sound effect for a screen: "WAP." lol.