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Steal of the Draft - Jae Crowder or Dee Bost

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  • Steal of the Draft - Jae Crowder or Dee Bost

    I see Manu Ginobili written on this guy, a terrific uptempo player, with a lot of energy, Jae Crowder could be the steal of the draft in the second round. If we draft him with our late 2nd round pick that is. As for Dee Bost, I see him as a poor man's Jrue Holiday, a great passer and ok at scoring.

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    Could you drop down some reviews or videos of them, hearing for the first time about them, hard to agree/disagree on this.
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      Jae Crowder could end up as a nice player, the only drawback is he plays like a former second round pick we had.....

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        Crowder's body and size don't match his skillset for an NBA player ... not a bad gamble for a 2nd rounder, but my expectations wouldn't involve the word Ginobili.
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          I like Crowder a lot and would not mind at all if the Raptors take a shot at him in the second round. For some reason I ended up watching a lot of Marquette this year, and got a good look at him. He's a bit of an odd case. Yeah, he's a senior, but younger than many seniors at 21, and he spent two years in community college (where he was a junior college national player of the year), so he's only had two years at the Division 1 level. I think this means he's got more room for growth than most seniors. His defense is great... it'll translate well to the NBA, because he's extremely smart and aware. His body is slightly undersized in terms of height, but he seems to have long arms... it'll be interesting to see his draft workout measurements; he definitely plays bigger than 6'6. He's had games where he's dominated 6'10 guys in the post.

          I think the big problem with him will be on offense; again, he's smart, he sees the court well, he passes well, but he doesn't have the sort of handle that NBA SFs need. Of course, that has to do, in part, with him never really playing SF before. There will definitely be a learning curve. I think he's a perfect guy to draft in the second round, stick in the d-league for a year or two and teach him to play SF. He's said to be very coachable and will play whatever role is asked of him.

          I don't see the Ginobili comparison either, either in terms of skillset or potential impact. I see his upside as being a versatile defensive stopper who will be efficient but not outstanding on offense. That's not a bad return for a second-rounder.


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            I like Tony Wroten maybe if we trade up we can get him. He's projected to in the late first round.


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              I don't see how you could discuss or even have a steal of the draft, pre-draft.

              I mean these guys your discussing could slide up in the draft, could go undrafted.

              They could break their leg, have to sit out a year, then have to go play in europe or end up having to pursue other career options.

              I still don't think it's proper, for fans at least to talk about it until you've seen them play in at least 1 summer league game.

              Should be more concerned about the slow death of this franchise. But, that's for another thread. Which I think I'm going to start as soon as I finish writing with this stupid touch screen that is slowly giving me carpel tunnel( have no idea how to spell that). On the plus side I'm that much closer to getting a medical marijuana license.
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