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Moving Forward: JJ

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  • Moving Forward: JJ

    Nice bounce back from our man. About a month ago a lot of us were questioning if he was a piece to move forward with but I think he's shown he certainly is. Casey made his point, JJ swallowed it and he's been arguably our best player since.

    He's played excellent coming off the bench, playing the 4 and could even start if the team doesn't address the 3 positionin the draft/free agency. I'm one of the few that has no problem seeing Kleiza go and it's because of what JJ brings to the table, which is vastly superior and with all the bigs we'll have next year, makes him redundant.

    I don't agree with many that he's a "lockdown defender" or "defensive cornerstone" as Chisholm said, but he's certainly relentless and can cause havoc on any given night, which is good enough for me.

    I hope he's a raptor for years to come.