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    Not really raptor land, but since there is nothing new going on except the tanking, I thought i'd ask RR residents about Ron Arte errr... Metta World Peace.

    If you have been living under a rock, World Peace clobbered James Harden with a vicious elbow hit.

    He was suspended for 7 games today by Stern. My question to you is do you think that was fair?

    To me, MWP got off easy. Harden could be the difference between OKC winning and not winning a championship and the fact that MWP's actions directly led to him being injured doesn't sit well with me.

    A couple of centimeters here or there, and it could have been the end of harden's career.

    He should have been suspended for however long Harden is out. Thoughts?
    "Stay steamy"

    - Kobe