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The season is over, forget the positives, what were the NEGATIVES?

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    This season was a wash for me. The biggest negative was that they won too many games. I really wanted to add a future all star wing through this draft.


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      Most of what I had to say has been covered. I'll give a pass to Casey for playing veterans a fair bit in an evaluation year, because ALL the players were new to him this year, plus no training camp, so he had to see what he has at all levels. The lockout was a huge negative for us in that sense.

      1. Is the calf a chronic thing going forward, and no clear answer to the enigma.

      2. DeRozan and Davis started well, went soft and then closed out the year well...same as last year, so I'm still on the fence, same as last year.

      3. I do not like green jerseys or spam. I do not like them, fan I am.

      4. Inconsistent play. This is my biggest issue with the team really. I cant get my head around players who can have 20+ point nights and then have a stretch of 3-8 point nights. That goes for comeback Bargnani, Kleisa, DD, Ed etc. The odd off night or two I get, but there were too many nights where our top scorers were not guys who should be our top scorers. Same goes for rebounding too, that seemed to be hit and miss for guys like Amir and Ed at points in the season.

      5. Turnovers should have a flaky pastry and be filled with either apple or cherry..sometimes blueberry. If you dribble off your foot it should be because your turnover had too much filling.


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        slaw wrote: View Post
        Winning Culture!!!! When the Raps are in the playoffs 3 years from now and they are 2 down with 9 secs left, Jonas Valanciunas and the other 4 guys on the floor (none of whom play for the Raptors right now) will recall that win against Boston in April 2012 and use the experience gained on that day to execute the out-of-bounds play to get a clean look.
        Exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself, lol.


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          i didn't like the jj complaining issue. but other than that i didn't see many negatives. my expectations were very low coming into the year. i thought we would be 30 29 or 28th in the league.

          sorry, one thing i was disappointed in was alabi. not fair to him but after all the talk in the summer and i had barely seen him actually play in the nba i thought he would have gotten onto the court more than magloire.


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            Apollo wrote: View Post
            1. Not enough camo.
            2. Too much Devlin.
            HAH! He's here all week ladies and gentlemen!!