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"Would you rather" tournament pick'em: The Final 4 has begun! (post 204)

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  • Player Z.

    Post-Up and Off-Ball are more important in a traditional big man than Isolation. Funny, aren't these 'traditional big' skills what most people complain about that Bargnani is lacking? lol


    • Z, but would like to see 1on1 defense, off-ball/help defense and rebounding


      • Z seems better overall, But Y seems to be a better fit with JV like eez said.
        I agree with everyone else though, we need to see more stats about defense.


        • Z


          • Final Four - Match 2

            Andre Drummond is in the finals! Beat out Robinson 8 votes to 1!!

            I am using schematics for the final four, which is explained here:

            SchematicsIsolation- Ability to operate in a one-on-one matchup from the perimeter around the 3-point line and midrange.
            Post Up- Ability to operate with back to the basket or facing up while battling for position around midrange and outside the paint.
            Pick & Roll- Capacity of players to use a screen from the perimeter to get an open shot, drive the lane or create off of it, or to set the screen to roll to the basket or pop out for a shot.
            Off Ball- Capacity of players to run off and use screens to get an open shots, capitalize on spot up opportunities or use them to get a lane or create, or to set them and roll out of them for open shots.
            Transition- Players knack for getting out on the break after turnovers, rebounds or made baskets and to create or finish in an up-tempo possession against favorable numbers (3 on 2, 2 on 1, etc.) and without an established defense.
            Final Four: Match 2 - The Wings

            .........................Player AA...........................Player BB
            Isolation....................10................... ....................7
            Post Up......................2......................... ..............6
            Pick & Roll...................8.......................... .............5
            Off Ball.......................7...................... .................9
            Transition...................7.................... ...................8

            Sorry for the one-dimensional comparison. I am just using draft sites for these comparisons and I couldn't find something that worked well for the defensive end. For the record, Drummond was ranked higher on the defensive end than Robinson based on the past rounds comparisons.
            “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”
            ― John Wooden


            • uhm AA. It would be nice for raps to have a player who can create his own and shot outside
              in masai we trust

              water covers 98% of the earth, Mitchell Robinson covers the other 2%


              • AA although it sucks that his post up is that bad, ability to create his own shot gives you somebody at the end of the game that you can let take that last shot, also pick and roll is going to be very important with jonas around so i'll go with AA
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                • Go with AA. Seems like a better fit for Raps as they are expected to be next year.


                  • AA for the same reasons everyone else said.


                    • This matchup is a hard comparison, since one is a wing and the other is a PG. I think this head-to-head would ultimately be decided by positional need, as much as BPA. On only the schematic comparison that Coach laid out, I would pick Player AA. However, I think the stats have overinflated his worth, as I don't think he's a good enough player to finish so high in this draft game (if it is who I think it is). I just can't bring myself to vote for a player who's only superior 'off the ball' and 'in transition'.


                      • AA


                        • AA


                          • Championship - Drummond vs. Rivers

                            Austin Rivers defeats Harrison Barnes and faces Drummond in the championship!

                            Well, like it or not, this tournament has come down to two guys that I would guess many of us would not have chosen as ideal fits for the Raptors next year. It is pretty hard to keep this final round blind, so I thought I would throw a few different things at you to make this choice. Remember you are the Rap's brass and only have these 2 guys to choose from... no you can't trade the pick at this point.

                            Would you rather have...

                            Austin Rivers
                            Beat out Lillard, Marshall and Barnes to get here.

                            PEREFFEFF/40WS/402011-2012 Statistics: 15.5 ppg, 3.4 rpg, 2.1 apg

                            Player ComparisonsAndre Drummond
                            Beat out Zeller, Henson and Robinson to get here.

                            PEREFFEFF/40WS/402011-2012 Statistics: 10 ppg, 7.6 rpg, 2.7 bpg

                            Player ComparisonsIf you don't know what the PER, EFF, etc are then feel free to look it up or just ignore it and focus on the comparisons and season averages. It would have taken up too much space to explain those statistics. Hindsight - probably something I could have used in conjunction with the schematics last round.
                            “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”
                            ― John Wooden


                            • drummond for sure


                              • I'd take drummond, at number 8 he is a way better choice than Rivers.
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