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Another reason to love David Aldridge: He wants Raps to win Lottery!!

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    LeeZ wrote: View Post
    Nah, AD would NOT play the 3. Bargs could. He would do a mediocre job of it, but with AD and Val minding the paint, any blow-by's would be swatted away, so no worries. And on offence we'd be creating some great mismatches. With Bargs being guarded by someone who's 6'6" to 6'8" tall, he could post them up (something he did a much better job of last year) and take that little 10-footer of his over their heads. This would be a lethal frontcourt. Now all we need is, well, the number one pick.
    I agree that Davis is better suited as a Power Forward, through and through; however I'd also say he's still young enough, and malleable enough, and has the skill set required (quick, size, defense, athletic) that he could still be a very solid 3.
    But I don't see it happening.

    e2thed wrote: View Post
    If we get that #1 pick, both Ed and Bargs are gone imo, for other top 5 picks.
    Hmm interesting.