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All-Time Favorite "Blue Collar" Raptors

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    I love Doug Christie's game, that guy was a work horse on D, with talent on offense. Dwayne Casey would love to have this guy on his current team.

    Oak is awesome too. I was a die hard Knicks fan before the Raptors came about and have always loved this guy. I never think of him as a Raptor though. He was in his twilight years when he was a Rap, but he still got it done.(mostly with his attitude)

    JYD and Reggie were the hardest working though, and for things that weren't really acknowledged by stay lines. They would be my pick. Maybe lesser in talent than others but worked there asses off to make a difference and to get a W.


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      Joey Dorsey


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        I didn't put Christie on there because for a time he was the "star" of this team. Ahhhh, those were the days...


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          JYD was always one of my favorite players but I really liked Donyell Marshall's play too, he would always grab rebounds but he was also the go to guy on offense some nights because of his shooting ability, he helped out the Raps in a variety of ways


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            If Your Uncle Jack Helped You Off An Elephant, Would You Help Your Uncle Jack Off An Elephant?

            Sometimes, I like to buy a book on CD and listen to it, while reading music.


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              Absolutely Oak, because he did the heavy lifting both on and off the court. He leaned on Vince and helped bring the best out of him. He intimidated other teams. He punched people who owed him money. He's MJ's best friend...I know the last two don't have anything to do with the Raps but you have to admit, both of them are pretty cool.


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                I liked every one of these guys when they dressed for the Raptors. JYD and Oak would be the two I'd have to vote for. But Bonner will always be one of my all time favorite Raptors. The red rocket getting ejected for a foul on KG and then exiting the building holding up the number 1 was epic.... What a legend. Marshall not only had monster games on the boards and poured in 3's but had a few nasty rejections along the way as well. Although this is always something I remember when thinking about him lol


                or this is a better memory of him from a Raptors perspective.



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                  The best part of the "wardrobe malfunction" was LeBron's reaction.


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                    i voted for Bonner but its because i used to talk to him now and then at union station and dude was hilarious.


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                      Bonner certainly is not your typical pro athlete. In stories and interviews he always came across as a regular guy who just happened to play basketball for a living. No fancy car or gadgets or anything material like that for Mr.Bonner. He also wants to represent Canada in international competitions, you gotta respect that.


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                        James Johnson made the list, but Amir didn't?

                        I'd have to pick Oak, but would pick Amir second if he was on the list.


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                          Good thing the question asks you who is #1.


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                            James Johnson is more of a stat sheet stuffer SUPREME. The dude does everything on the floor, kind of like Josh Smith and Shawn Marion. JJ has a high ceiling and I'm afraid he might not accept the bench role if we get a good player in the draft


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                              NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
                              James Johnson is more of a stat sheet stuffer SUPREME. The dude does everything on the floor, kind of like Josh Smith and Shawn Marion. JJ has a high ceiling and I'm afraid he might not accept the bench role if we get a good player in the draft
                              I'd be fine with that. I'm so ready to ship Bayless, Johnson & Johnson out of town... for fair market value return, of course.

                              Lets give Davis the backup PF job to run with. He'll finally get to participate in a team-lead training regiment, summer league and a full training camp under Casey... lets see what he can do with proper preparation and increased playing time as the #2 PF.

                              I hope a legit starting SF is acquired, whether it be via draft, free agency or trade. Let Kleiza stick around as the backup SF and ship JJ out to avoid yet another positional logjam. Gay or Batum please, if you're listening BC!

                              Bayless... I think he's been covered enough in the "Least Favourite Current Raptor" thread. Time to bring in a young, traditional, pass-first PG to backup Calderon (or Nash, who knows...).

                              No more stat stuffers. No more me-first players. I am so geared up for this offseason! Only 8 days until the draft lottery, which could very well shed some light on the direction the offseason will take...


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                                not bayless