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Would you rather Lin or Bayless?

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  • Nilanka wrote: View Post
    I think that in some of these cases, we're confusing "potential" with "youth". Just because a player is young, it doesn't necessarily mean that the sky is the limit.

    I'll admit that anything is possible surrounding Bayless. But based on what I've seen, I personally don't think he's the type of lead guard capable of leading a team deep into the playoffs.
    you might be but im not. Bayless has potential and you have seen it. IMO his worst case scenerio is George Hill and his Best case scenerio is Billups or Conley.


    • MangoKid wrote: View Post
      Like I've said before, I'm not familliar with who you are, so I couldn't judge as to whether you were actually comparing Westbrook's game with Bayless' game or whether you were being facetious.
      As for Jennings, I believe he's a better point guard than Bayless. He's quicker, better court vision, better defensively. Jennings plays major minutes. He has led his team to the playoffs. Bayless has not.
      Jenning did not lead his team to the playoffs. They made it in his rookie season and Bogut was a huge part of that. If he did lead his team to the playoffs he should have been able to do it this year and last year too, but he couldn't.
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      • Idk about you guys but those string of games(cept for the NJ one) where he started the offense looked very fluid. Bayless hasn't been here as long as calderon to know where and when his teammates like the ball. Considering that, Bayless actually did a phenominal job at running the point when starting. I'd really like to see him get extended because DC stated he wants a fast paced offense next season. Calderon is aging, has injury issues, and playing with the spanish national team doesn't exactly help that. Bayless is lightening quick and athletic, he'd do very well in a fast paced offense. Give him a full summer with his teammates and he'll do well next season(if he's back that is)


        • NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
          Jenning did not lead his team to the playoffs. They made it in his rookie season and Bogut was a huge part of that.
          You say Jennings had no part of it? Kid played in all 82 games, led the team in assists, in points scored, in steals, minutes played. Yup, he had no part in leading his team to the playoffs in his rookie season.