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    Nilanka wrote: View Post
    I'm afraid of Drummond. I don't like the idea of taking low post players based 100% on potential. He could be the next Dwight or Amare, but the odds are that he'll be the next Thabeet, Olawokandi, Curry, Brown, Thomas, or Swift instead.
    Lets hope not but you could be right Thabeet was picked with the 2nd overall pick in 09 and he is pretty much written off as a bust. But i think the team that takes him should be patient because if healthy I know he will be a beast one day.
    We all make mistakes... Tanking is not the answer.. This squad can ball! Let it roll!!


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      I'm not nearly as down on Drummond as most here, and think his floor is a lot higher than most give him credit for but i wouldn't take him unless it meant flipping bargs for another lotto pick and i don't see BC rolling with that much youth.


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        I'd put the chances of Drummond in Toronto next year at zero percent ... 0%.

        Hitting the ground running in no way involves turning a current asset (our 1st round draft pick) into a piece that will be below even Ed Davis on the depth chart next season.

        I think he could emerge as a physical, imposing defender in 3-4 years ... but between here and there are a LOT of ugly moments, games limited with foul trouble, and time spent looking at the players drafted AFTER him.
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