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Who do you consider to be a "Core" piece going forward? Do we even have any?

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  • AJ360
    I remember at the end of the season presser DC sais something to the affect of "Next year I don't want to see the Bargnani we saw at the end of this year." This leads me to believe that if the Bargs we all know and can't stand is back next season, he'll be gone by next summer.

    Therefore no vote for Bargnani.

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  • Miekenstien
    voted everyone but amir and jose. i believe in demar and jarryd and if in the future our bench players are jj and ed i would expect that to be a strong support system.
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  • LGOD
    I think this really depends on what the goal of your core players is. I think we have some young talented pieces that can be competitive and fight for a playoff spot, but this isn't hockey and the 8th seed is almost a guaranteed first round knock out. If we are talking about core players for a team that consistently challenges for the NBA title, I think it is tough to consider any of our current players. At least right now.

    - Bargs can be counted on to score, but his D is average at best and he can't rebound the way you would like your PF to rebound. On a championship team I believe he could be a starter and a core piece, but you need to have the right players around him.

    - Val looks good from what I've seen him do in Europe and if he plays the way we all hope he will, he could be the center of a championship caliber team. He hasn't done anything in the NBA yet though and until I see him in TO I can't call him a core player.

    -Demar looks great some nights, but he's inconsistent. He can score, but that seems to be the only stat column he fills up (much like bargs). He's still young and hopefully he gets better, but as of right now I could only see him as a scorer off the bench on a team fighting for a championship.

    -JJ, Davis and Bayless have potential, but I think they are average rotational players at best. I believe they have the talent and can only hope they improve in the next couple years.

    I realize talking about a championship Raptors team at this point is ridiculous, but you don't build a team to compete for a playoff spot. You build a team to win it all. There is talent on this team and I hope we will see some of these guys playing for a better Raptor team, but if we don't see improvement BC needs to look elsewhere for championship core players.

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  • Arsenalist
    Great question.

    A core piece is someone who is:

    1) good
    2) realistic potential to be great, multiple all-star
    3) mentally willing to commit to the franchise
    4) young

    The closest that someone comes in is Bargnani, because he's got #1 and #3 covered.

    Core piece, though? No.

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  • Mapko
    The Coach wrote: View Post
    I would say:
    JV, Andrea, DeMar and the guy they trade the 8th pick for (think they will move it for a core piece).

    Is James Johnson the only 25year old that lead his team in blocks/game and steals/game that isn't considered a key piece going forward?
    I know JJ had some "issues" late in the season. Does anybody know what it was?
    WRT his play -IMO he compares favourably with Iggy, Wallace or even Granger & Rudy defensively. As for offence -a bit short with Rudy & Granger but in ALL cases at signicicantly less money. The only upgrades here I would consider are either Batum or AK47 or draft (Barnes maybe). The only reason I consider Batum & AK47 as viable is because those 2 would not cost us other assets (unlike Gay, Iggy or Granger).
    Since there are not a lot of options at PG (D Will -I am dreaming, Nash -what is the point for him?, Lin -please. We have a better player in Bayless & a lot less "circus") that leaves possible changes at 2 (draft only I assume) & 4.
    K Lowry might be most realistic option at upgrading PG. I don't think Houston will trade Lowry until they completely exhaust possibility of getting Pau Gasol.
    WRT Demar, we should know by trade deadline if he is a "core" or not. Maybe a stint with select team will do wonders for his confidence.
    Can we swing a deal for Josh Smith (Davis, Amir, 8th)? Does that make sense? In this case you split minutes at 4 & 5 between Smith, Bargs & JV.
    In summary that leaves Bargs & JV as only "core" guys. Everybody else is & should be expendable for a right deal.
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  • planetmars
    When I think of core, I think of someone who is an untouchable. The guy you don't want to lose unless you get back a super star/elite talent. For me the only guy I can think of is JV and that is because we haven't seen him play.

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  • The Coach
    I would say:
    JV, Andrea, DeMar and the guy they trade the 8th pick for (think they will move it for a core piece).

    Is James Johnson the only 25year old that lead his team in blocks/game and steals/game that isn't considered a key piece going forward?

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  • mcHAPPY
    This is usually a topic of serious debate. In a previous thread I called the philosophy and direction of the organization as the foundation and the 'core' players as pillars.

    It is safe to say that not everyone is going to agree with definitions or players suggested/selected.

    Regardless, to answer the question of your thread, my core pieces:

    JV (I know he has never played a game but until he proves he is not 'core' worthy, he is in my books).
    Bargnani (I hope this selection does not derail the thread).
    #8 (same reasoning as JV - you don't get high draft picks thinking they are not going to be special).
    DeMar (I consider him a core piece due to his age but he is not untouchable).

    My thinking at this time is your core players are your best starters and/or most promising players (especially with a rebuilding team like Toronto).

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  • Who do you consider to be a "Core" piece going forward? Do we even have any?

    Jonas Valanciunas
    Andrea Bargnani
    Demar Derozan
    Jerryd Bayless
    Ed Davis
    Jose Calderon
    Amir Johnson
    James Johnson
    None of the above! We don't have any!
    I was thinking about this today and was curious to hear what and who people consider to be 'core' pieces. Or foundation pieces. Do we even have any?

    I hear the term "Core piece" bandied about, but it seems to be a REALLY general term that has no true meaning anymore. Or does it?

    Sound off.
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