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  • Great Summer Plan

    Draft Jeremy Lamb if he's available at 8
    Draft Draymond Green if he`s available at our 2nd round pick, if not, Tyshawn Taylor at our 2nd round pick
    Draft Quincy Acy with Indiana`s late pick (I have a feeling this guy will turn into a Dajuan Blair)

    FA Signing
    Sign Steve Nash to a 2 year + 1 year option contract
    Sign Ray Allen to the vet minimum

    1) Trade Andrea Bargnani + Jose Calderon + J.Johnson to the Grizzlies for Rudy Gay + Lester Hudson
    2) Draft Night Trade: Trade Bayless + Ed Davis + 8th pick to Charlotte for their Pick (Thomas Robinson) + Derrick Brown

    1) Resign A.Gray to a 2 year contract

    12-13 Lineups
    Nash. L.Hudson. T.Taylor
    DeRozan. R.Allen. G.Forbes
    R.Gay. L.Kleiza. D.Brown
    T.Robinson. Amir. Q.Acy
    Valanciunas. A.Gray. J.Magloire

    This is a pretty well balanced lineup with leftover cap to get PF if T.Robinson doesn`t pan out in 2013.

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    man, you love these. i think you gave up to much for gay and i also dont think memphis would want that much salary coming back. ray will get a midlevel at least with a contender before he has to settle for minimums too.

    i applaud your dedication and effort


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      You lost me at "sign Ray Allen for the vet minimum". The only way Ray signs for the vet minimum (which he won't) is if its with a contender.

      Why does Memphis want Jose or Bargnani? They have better or at least equal players at both positions and more importantly, it provides them with little or no cap relief.

      Ideally the ideas are good, they are just unrealistic. When you string together ideas for a roster overhaul you need to consider the other parties involved, not just the raps.


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        There are numerous threads for this. Why create another one? That's just lazy.


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          Can we ban these threads....they're annoying as hell.
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            Just move them into the trade forum. RR's NBA Trade Forum... where crazy happens!


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              LOL. All I can say right now. Oh, this is VERY realistic.
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                I'm still smiling at Ray Allen to a vet minimum with a rebuilding team.


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                  Hmmm... the first trade can't work. Hudson is a UFA and even if he wasn't the salaries don't match up. Memphis would have to unload an additional $1M at least in salary.

                  ... regardless, even if it did work, I can't honestly see Memphis doing this. This eats up all the cap space that they would covet by unloading Gay.

                  I would recommend that before any trade is thought up, that you visit this site here and see if it can work first.


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                    Another one of these Hypothetical's and no love for Uzoh, Anderson, and Alabi.

                    I just think we can end up with a better team in 2 years if we are somewhat patient and dont just go trade crazy.


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                      Raptorsss wrote: View Post
                      Can we ban these threads....they're annoying as hell.
                      lol, agreed.

                      They're as fun to read as "what if Superman and Wonder Woman had children?" threads.


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                        Nilanka wrote: View Post
                        lol, agreed.

                        They're as fun to read as "what if Superman and Wonder Woman had children?" threads.
                        That's an interesting question you just raised...thoughts?
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                          Their kid would definitely have great hops and would be a bruiser down low. Regardless of position, a surefire top-5 talent in the 2030 draft.


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                            Nilanka wrote: View Post
                            lol, agreed.

                            They're as fun to read as "what if Superman and Wonder Woman had children?" threads.
                            do you think her womb could hold his seed? me and my friend were wondering this yesterday. other then super girl she might be the only one able too.


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                              I'm thinking immaculate conception, like Anakin Skywalker :|