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2012 Raptors Republic Mock Draft: Fan Edition - 2nd Overall Pick

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    Bendit wrote: View Post
    Coincidentally I read that the BobCats maybe considering trading their 2nd pick.

    It's a Bleacher scoop!

    Should the Raptors kick the tires here? Would they go for the 8th and Bargnani? Would BC do it?

    ps...I just threw AB's name in without too much thought.
    Nooooooooo deal. How about we get Gay and still keep Bargnani. Besides, who here thinks that MKG is even gonna be an all around player?


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      If Bargs were to be dealt I'd go for TRob even though MKG is my first choice. Both are difference makers. This is a long term play with control over an asset that will be an anchor on the team/franchise. Imagine TRob and JV in the front court for the next 10 years. Now that, you can build around. Both Gay and Bargs are good players but complimentary pieces...imo.


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        Raptors Republic has once again spoken...

        With the 2nd Pick in the 2012 Raptors Republic Mock Draft, the Charlotte Bobcats select.....


        2011-12 NCAA Statistics

        PPG: 11.8
        RPG: 7.6
        FG%: 49.1

        •Elite athlete
        •Amazing motor
        •Tough, physical defender
        •Excellent rebounder
        •Attacks the rim on offense

        •Lacks a consistent perimeter game

        Analysis, as per ESPN scouts

        Why would anyone take Kidd-Gilchrist with a high lottery pick when he doesn't check off the typical boxes we associate with elite draft picks? "All of my scouts love him," one GM said. "Actually, 'love' isn't a strong enough word. Our coaches, when they watch him play, beg me to go get him. I've stood back for the past few months saying, 'What about his jump shot?' 'Can he create his own shot?' 'Is he big enough to thrive in the NBA?' I've given up. I love him now more than they do. He has the ability to dramatically affect a game with and without the ball in his hands. Whenever he steps on or off the court, everything changes. He's a winner. He's a leader. That motor he has, the toughness he has, the intensity that he has ? those are NBA skills, too."

        Winner. Leadership. Motor. Toughness. Intensity. They all pop when you see him on the court. He also is a terrific defender who can guard multiple positions. And while he struggled as a jump-shooter, he was a very effective scorer in transition and cutting to the basket. Scouts who love him also point out that he's the youngest player in the draft. Oh, and a few old-timers say that MKG's best pro comparison may be another versatile forward named Scottie Pippen