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Take on Okafor or Ariza's contract and get the 10th picK

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  • Take on Okafor or Ariza's contract and get the 10th picK

    Shaun Powell: Hornets will entertain offers for 10th pick if someone also agrees to take Ariza or Okafor contracts. Twitte

    I would seriously entertain taking on Okafor for their pick. A career 10 and 10 guy and a good defensive player. He would be a great sixth man subbing for Bargs and Jonas. We would then be able to pick Illard and a wing player. We could move Amir, or Ed , plus our 2nd rounders and fill another position of need. We also have the amnesty clause, Mid-level, and veteran minimums to fill out the roster.

    PJIII or Terrence Jones or DeMar/J.J./Kleiza
    DeMar or Lamb or Waiters/????(maybe Bayless)/Forbes
    Calderon/Illard/????(maybe Bayless)

    The only draw back is having 3 rookies, but we do have veterans that could start if necessary.
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    if we have the ability to amnesty those guys I would for sure go after that


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      grindhouse wrote: View Post
      if we have the ability to amnesty those guys I would for sure go after that
      We can't amnesty anyone that wasn't on our roster before the lock out.


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        Ariza Please

        If we could forget the fact that Ariza threw an elbow at Demar, I would love to have Ariza on my team. He fills a need at the 3, defensive specialist as well as 3pt shooter that can spread the floor.

        Sign me up. Pick Lamb at 8 and Perry Jones/Austin Rivers at 10.

        No to Okafor, too much money. Jonas is our future C and aaron tray is a solid backup.


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          grindhouse wrote: View Post
          if we have the ability to amnesty those guys I would for sure go after that
          We cannot amnesty players we did not have prior to July 1st.

          Okafor seems like the better player, and fit for our team, but Ariza earns half as much.
          I would say take on Ariza, then next summer amnesty Klieza.

          Potentially trade Davis, Bayless (S&T) and JJ?

          DD/??(whoever we trade for?)

          It would limit our flexibility a bit, but if we do amnesty Kleiza after JV is comfortable, then we wont be restricted that much.


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            I wonder if NO would accept this trade

            Amir and #37 for Okafor and #10


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              CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
              I wonder if NO would accept this trade

              Amir and #37 for Okafor and #10
              Ariza's contract is much small - that would be something I think they could stomach...
              "I may be wrong ... but I doubt it"


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                I yelled "Yes!" just reading the thread title.


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                  My daughter is looking at me strange


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                    ceez wrote: View Post
                    My daughter is looking at me strange

                    Haha, I'm still laughing at that joke when you said you could watch Beal stroke it for hours


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                      I'd do it, but 3 rookies is too much.

                      I wonder if some higher picking teams would trade down for a #8 + #10 package.


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                        I would do this if I thought Evan Fournier was worthy of the 10th pick. He could be stashed in Europe for one or two more year and be brought over for depth when the team is out of the lottery and making a playoff push.....but 10 is way to high at this point, maybe with a big Adidas Euro camp he climbs up the draft boards a bit.
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                          Ummm...Okafor and the 10 pick why? So Okafor can be making 13.5 and 14.5 million to mostly play a reserve role? There must certainly be a cheaper option for a solid veteran, and if not, stick with one of Davis and Amir, and get a more utility doesn't have to be Gray.
                          I'm also really not sold on Lillard. This clip shows strengths and weaknesses....of course it's a limited sample, but I'm not impressed. In a lot of "weaknesses" he seems to struggle against structured, competent D, which is what he'll face from all decent teams in the NBA, especially if they perceive him as a scoring threat. On the flip side in most of the "strengths" shots I feel like he's taking advantage of really bad D, like as bad as possible in some cases. Even the one where they point out that "all 5 defenders are watching, sitll no answer"(at 2:24 or so), as if Lillard froze the D, but not one player on the defensive end played it properly, starting with the weak-ass double which he splits. I think in a strong PG year, Lillard would possibly not even crack the first round.



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                            Can Ariza defend shooting guards consistently? He seems older but he only turns 27 in June.

                            If he could, I would trade for Gay, use the TPE to take Ariza, and get Nash in a S&T. Assets going out to make it all work: #8, ED, DD, Calderon, and one of Kleiza/JJ.

                            With #10/#37 take SG/PG or PG/SG. Examples: Lamb/Machado or Lillard/Murphy or Marshall/Barton.

                            What a long wingspan SG through C would be:
                            Ariza: 7'2"
                            Gay: 7'3"
                            Bargnani: 7'3"
                            JV: 7'6"


                            PG: Nash, (Lillard/Marshall/Machado)
                            SG: Ariza, (Lamb/Murphy/Barton)
                            SF: Gay, (Kleiza/JJ)
                            PF: Bargnani, Amir
                            C: JV, Gray

                            I like that.


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                              I think Collangelo and Casey made it clear, that we're looking to add proved players in the team not couple more rookies, Lillard, PJIII in Raptors squad - sounds great, but do you really think, that with 3 rookies in starting lineup we can reach the playoffs next year? We all know, that our target for next year is to reach the playoffs. I really don't see that happening (about trade for 10th pick), except we trade out our 8 pick
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