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2012 Raptors Republic Mock Draft: Fan Edition - 5th Overall Pick

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  • 2012 Raptors Republic Mock Draft: Fan Edition - 5th Overall Pick

    So we saw our first somewhat curveball with respect to the 2012 Raptors Republic Mock Draft, with RR slotting Harrison Barnes in at #4 to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Sacramento Kings have the 5th pick in the 2012 Draft. This is a team loaded with talent - Tyreke Evans and man-child DeMarcus Cousins. Some reports have the Kings shipping Evans out of town. They're a team in some serious need of not only another talented player, but they need some solid citizens on and off the court.

    Raptors Republic, who do you think the Sacramento Kings will take with the #5th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft?
    Andre Drummond, PF/C, Connecticut
    Bradley Beal, SG, Florida
    Perry Jones, SF/PF, Baylor
    Jeremy Lamb, SG, Connecticut
    Damian Lillard, PG, Weber State
    Terrence Jones, SF/PF, Kentucky
    Jared Sullinger, PF, Ohio State
    Austin Rivers, SG, Duke

    The poll is expired.

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    I think this is the point in the draft where it gets interesting. Sac doesn't need a 2, they have marcus and Tyreke there. I don't think they take a look at drummond, Cousins is already there. I think they take a real good look at Sullinger.


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      They probably draft Drummond but they could draft PJ3. They really want MKG or Robinson.

      Best case scenario in the real draft is Beal gets picked at the 1-4 spot, letting MKG, Barnes,or Robinson drop to them. They do not need a guard.


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        I really think they're going to trade the pick for a guy like Gay/Granger/Iguodala/JSmoove. I assume they'll want Beal.

        If the Kings were drafting for themselves I'd go with Drummond probably.


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          Trade Tyreke and replace with Beal.


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            Drummond, to form a fearsome front court with Cousins.


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              I see them going with PJIII... He has the highest upside of players remaining and he fills a need...


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                They SHOULD take Beal but they WILL take drummond. But my pick would be Beal at 5.


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                  I clicked Drummond because I thought Beal being available at 5 was out of the question, how does beal slip past the Wiz????


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                    I picked PJ3. With Beal on the board they really should be picking him with the BPA, but I figure with the versatility PJ3 has and the positions that he could fill for them would be beneficial. So much upside, and he is already better than Drummond.

                    I think this mock draft is way off BTW.

                    I see it going:

                    Davis, Beal, Robinson, MKG, Barnes or you could even switch MKG and Barnes if Cleveland is that into him.


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                      Beal being available this low is wishful thinking on the part of Raptor fans. If he does manage to fall this far, he won't get past Sacramento, whether or not they have a logjam at 2. This high, you take the BPA and work out your positional needs and logjams through trade.


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                        Rebel Alliance

                        In keeping with my choices, I'm leaning towards Perry Jones in the 5th spot. He could be thee sleeper pick. With draft choices becoming more subjective as we get further away from the Davis pick, I can see Sacramento Kings going for the wild card in this draft. Especially if they put Perry at the SF spot.

                        To date - these are my picks:
                        1. Davis - NO
                        2. Beal - Charlotte
                        3. MKG - Washington
                        4. Barnes - Cleveland
                        5. P. Jones - Sacramento



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                          PJ3 is falling to Toronto alright?


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                            The votes have been tallied and with the 5th Pick in the 2012 Raptors Republic Mock Draft, the Sacramento Kings select.....

                            ANDRE DRUMMOND, PF/C, CONNECTICUT

                            If Drummond develops, teams in the association are going to have a tough time trying to go into the paint with Drummond and Cousins patrolling it.

                            2011-2012 NCAA Statistics

                            PPG: 10.2
                            RPG: 7.7
                            FG%: 53.8
                            BPG: 2.7

                            •Long, athletic big man
                            •Explosive leaper
                            •NBA body
                            •Excellent rebounder and shot-blocker
                            •Intimidating defender
                            •Has perimeter skills and can hit an open jumper

                            •Inconsistent, doesn't always assert himself
                            •Can be caught settling for perimeter shots
                            •Can be foul prone

                            Analysis, as per ESPN Scouts

                            It's not every day you walk into a gym and see a 6-foot-11, 270-pound big man with a 7-foot-5 wingspan do the things Drummond can do. In my 15 years of covering the NBA draft, you come across athletes like Drummond only once or twice a decade -- strong, huge, explosive and unusually quick for someone his size.

                            NBA scouts still believe he has all the physical tools NBA teams covet in a high lottery pick. He's huge, he's an amazing athlete, and he has tons of room and time to grow as a player.

                            While there are questions about Drummond's passion for the game, and while it's clear he needs to dramatically improve as an offensive player, he has the talent to be an All-Star someday. Whether he can ever reach the potential is the question.