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Chad Ford speaks of Deng to Raptors

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  • MangoKid wrote: View Post
    when did you say it? look back at your own quote, bro. shouldn't be too hard. it's on the same page so you don't have to do too much digging.
    i never said that so i can look for it?


    • This ain't happening

      Sounds like this ain't happening. From David Aldridge:

      Much was made this weekend about Toronto having scouts in Houston, where Great Britain's Olympic team is having a training camp in advance of the Games next month -- and where Deng, who is playing for England in the Games, is working out.

      But the Raptors insist they were there to watch Jonas Valanciunas, their first-round pick from 2011 who is expected to come to the NBA this season. He was playing for the Lithuanian national team that scrimmaged England Sunday. Another member of the Lithuanian team is Linas Kleiza, the Raptors' forward, who was also getting a look-see.

      "There is nothing there with Deng," a Raptors source texted Sunday night.

      Believe what you will. It's four days before the Draft.

      Toronto also supposedly has a jones for Waiters, with sources saying that Coach Dwane Casey wants an "alpha male" for his still-young squad.
      Eh follow my TWITTER!


      • NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
        i never said that so i can look for it?
        NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
        yes but you know why they were "fringe" HOF's? because they had a surefire HOF on their team that made everyone around them better.
        For example:

        Horace Grant had Jordan
        Shawn Marion had Steve Nash
        Big Z had LeBron
        I hope that helps.

        All that it tells me is that you didn't think much of the listed players. It indicates to me that you think that the only reason why those names had any success was because they played with surefire hall of famers.

        Anyways, this is the last time I'm gonna speak of this.
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        • tenforthewin wrote: View Post
          Toronto trade Calderon + Davis + 8th pick + Barbosa TPE for Deng + Noah

          We are not just getting Deng, we are getting Noah too according to a source rumor.

          Then we sign Nash and bring back Vinsanity

          Nash/Bayless/2nd round pick (Scot Machado)
          Deng/JJ Johnson/Kleiza
          Bargs/Amir/2nd round pick (Quincy Acy)

          This look like a solid starting lineups and our backups aren't that bad.

          I think Nash will make DeRozan, Deng, Bargs, and Noah better. Personally, if i we can get Noah, i would second this trade with Deng. Noah will start while let Val develops his game in a year or two.
          I don't want Noah! He's too injury prone and to be honest, he's been less than stellar last season. I feel like JV has better potential on our team than Noah! So I'll have to say no thank you!


          • Employee wrote: View Post
            Sounds like this ain't happening. From David Aldridge:

            You shouldn't always rely on these "sources" especially if they don't ever indicate who the source is.