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Mock Draft 7.0 - Raptors select.....Dion Waiters

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    Tesla wrote: View Post
    Are you sure about that? Perry Jones is one of the fastest players in the draft. A very fast, explosive athlete that has an incredibly quick first dribble (although he can't dribble very well). I don't think he's gonna have any trouble keeping up with players, the problem is who's gonna keep up with him?

    6'11" P-H-E-N-O-M

    everyone who works hard


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      Miekenstien wrote: View Post
      everyone who works hard
      lol, good point though actually. PJ3 has a bad motor.


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        RaptorReuben wrote: View Post
        +1 Very, very athletic player.
        OOPS, you're are very correct, I misread the combine results.
        But I still haven't seen or heard of any experience defending at the 3. As well, don't you want your 3 to have a good handle, knock down a 3 or at least get to the rim if need be. Does PJ3 do any of that?

        Basically I would love to see PJ3 go one on one against other 3s in workouts, then judge from there. That would be a best case scenario, but the likely hood of that is slim to none, right?
        Of course say that occurred and he looked better than the other 3s, he would probably go higher than the 8th spot, lol.....

        The guy is so hard to peg? A lot of unanswered questions......