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Gerald Wallace to become UFA

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    Problem with Gerald Wallace is he's on the declining part of his career and no one on the Raptors are in their prime yet. Most of our guys are probably 3-4 years from that and by that time Gerald Wallace will be retired.
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      This is exactly why I am against trading the pick for any of the mentioned SF trades in here.


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        I'm all for a quality SF, Wallace is on the decline so I'd pass on him. Funny that peeps are bringing up Francis, I just wrote a little blurb about him the other day on my blog. What a bag of crap! it's a website...about, you


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          Francis didn't kill the Grizzlies anyway. Even if he showed up and played hard that team would have still been mismanaged.


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            I agree that any SF targeted should have the Raptors longer term future in mind than just the next couple seasons, but I don't think it's fair to lump Gay (26 next season), Batum (23/24), or Chandler (25) into the same 'washed up / too old' category as Wallace (30) and Iguodala (28/29). Even if you give the team another 2-3 seasons to reach potential, those players would only then be in their late 20's, and it's not as though their games are entirely predicated on speed/athleticism.

            Deng is borderline due to the combination of his age (27/28), salary and, IMO, just not being as good all around as the other players on this list.

            Evans is just a nutcase who should be avoided.