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Raptors v Clippers - Game Updates Nov 13

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  • Raptors v Clippers - Game Updates Nov 13

    104-89 Raptors Final: Raptors D takes over, Raps end on a 23-2 run including threes from Bargnani and Calderon. The defense stepped up and the Clippers got flustered and took some terrible shots, Baron Davis was deferring at the end and didn't provide the leadership and direction that was needed. In that fourth quarter the Clippers looked as terrible as the Raps looked good. Raps finish -2 on the glass which is pretty good considering they were -11 early. Can't afford to get down 22 against the Suns, though. Good night!

    96-89 Raptors 3:10 4th: Clips go into the post to Kaman but Bargnani plays good defense and contests his fadeaway. After two Antoine Wright FTs, Belinelli knocks down another killer step-back 3. He's 6-10 for 15 points with 3 threes.

    91-89 3:59 4th: Bargnani and Belinelli run a pick 'n pop for a big Bargnani three after the initial play was broken due to a hard double on Bosh. Telfair's elbow catches Jose who's got blood. Oh yeah! (No harm intended)

    89-88 Clips 6:09 4th: Turk hits a three, Calderon's being aggressive again, had a great drive for 2. Belinelli missed an open corner three which would've been big but at some point we'll have to stop Kaman down load and Baron from getting to the lane. This lineup of Telfair and Davis is causing us some defensive problems containing blow-bys.

    84-83 Clips 8:37 4th: Craig Smith rips the ball from Bargnani and goes in for an And1 on the break. Clips go up 2 and Baron Davis continues to be aggressive against Jack who can't handle him. Jack's picking up the dribble way too early at times which is killing our offense, lucky for us Belinelli hunts down a clean look for himself and knocks down a deep three behind a screen.

    74-74 End 3rd: Raptors could've had a lead if Jack hadn't turned the ball over on the last possession of the quarter.

    74-72 Clips 1:13 3rd: If we could slow down Kaman we'd be up big. Bosh with a great offensive rebound for a dunk, he's playing energized but Kaman keeps on scoring against Bargnani on the other end. Kaman: 9-11 FG, 7 rebs, 23 pts in 26 mins. Bargnani's got 3 scores in this quarter but only 2 rebounds for the game!!!

    65-61 Clips 3:38 3rd: Jose Calderon exploded. 9 points including an And1 and a 3 against Davis. The Raptors took the lead but the Clippers have come right back with Davis attacking the paint and kicking out to Butler for a three. The Clippers have also picked up the energy since giving up the lead.

    55-51 Clips 10:10 3rd: Here we go, Bosh hits two jumpers and one for Bargnani, Clippers and Baron taking long jumpers, keep at it Clips, keep at it. Raps energy is much better, they can smell the lead, both moves by Bosh were aggressive in the post and made Camby wobble. Raps start on a 6-1 run.

    54-45 Clips Halftime: Clippers had 5 points in the last 5:30 of the 2nd. Bosh is getting to the line more and the general energy has picked up. Both teams are missing shots left and right but Turkoglu and Bosh have picked it up to make this a game. Baron goes length of the floor in 5 seconds to drain a floater at halftime buzzer. Clips get out of the half clinging to 9 point lead after being up 22. 13/5 for Bosh, 15/3 for Kaman. Bargnani's been quiet and hasn't scored since his early two baskets against Kaman. Both Calderon and DeRozan with only 2. Belinelli's 9 off the bench were big, his two on the break gave us some good momentum and there's also Amir Johnson to thank as his energy was big in the second.

    49-37 3:59 2nd: Bosh finally getting something against Craig Smith and Johnson giving us a lift off the bench - good hustle. He's got the Raptors back in this one to some degree. Belinelli's three has cut it to 12 and the Clippers are turning the ball over and missing some good looks. DeRozan's got to calm down, he's shot two airballs tonight and looks very uncomfortable out there.

    41-21 Clips 8:17 2nd: More of the same really, except now it's the likes of Steve Novak and Craig Smith killing us. Clips have a 16-5 advantage on the boards and the Raptors offense is starting to smell. Belinelli's trying to shoot us back into the game which isn't working and the Clips are dominating the glass, the flow and the game. Amir Johnson had a rebound torn away from him by Kaman, kind of symbolized the game so far.

    34-17 Clips End of 1: The Jack/Calderon lineup is back and so is a 17 point hole. Davis is abusing Calderon at will and setting up people while scoring 7 early, he also had a drive and dunk which you'll see later on ESPN. Bosh is still struggling (0-4) and we've seen Rasho make an early appearance. The second consisting of Jack, Wright and Belinelli struggle to score.

    23-13 Clips 3:52 1st: Well, Davis is pushing it in transition against Jose and Thornton just pump-faked Wright out of his pants under the rim for two. Throw in a transition three and the Raptors offense struggling because of a lame Turk and Camby evening Bosh and you got yourself a 10 point hole.

    15-13 Raps 5:30 1st: Kaman going at Bargnani and Bargnani going at Kaman. Kaman's got 7 points to Bargnani's 4. Bosh is being kept quiet by Camby so far, the ex-Raptors length is really bothering him. DeRozan started off with a massive brick and TO but had a finish on the break, he's too excited, got to calm down. Turk is wincing every time he runs, give this guy an Advil.

    Hedo Turkoglu starts..Raps are Jose, DD, Bosh, Bargs and Turk.

    Kaman dodged the swine and is playing..Clips are Thornton, Kaman, Camby, Davis and Butler.

    Arse with you here...

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    Any reason why TSN2 is still showing the Celts vs. Hawks game?


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      Kaman and Bargnani taking turns exposing one another. Showing some nice moves from both big men.


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        Shit, was that ever a sweet fadeaway from Kaman on Bargnani.


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          I'll never understand why we always resort to chuckin' 3's when we're behind early instead of trying to actually run something on offense to slowly get back into the game. Ugh