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  • Trade the pick

    I know that there's a thread for this, but instead of reading it all I'd rather view everyones opinion from a poll.
    Trade it for player(s)
    Trade up
    Trade down
    Keep the pick

    The poll is expired.

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    move up or keep it


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      Keep it....unless it's a trade for Gay.


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        If the player coming back isn't Rudy Gay or Iguodala - Draft Waiters, Rivers or Lillard.
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          trade it away for impact players. We already have a rookie coming in JV, we don't need another one. I hate this half rebuild bullshit. Being a fringe playoff team is horrible. We either need to tank and get a high draft pick to build around or just start signing/trading for vets who can make a difference and help us to the playoffs.

          At this point i want the latter.


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            Keep the pick.

            Having said that I try not to be close minded about the other options. It all depends on the return of course which must include a starter and a lottery coming back (other than if we were moving up). I just believe this draft is too important not to have added a good piece for the future. The cheapest way to acquire talent.


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              It's hard for me to choose one answer in this poll.

              I'd trade the pick, but only for Gay (or a superstar like Howard, or Paul - which isn't going to happen). I don't want Iggy, Deng or Granger if it means losing the 8th pick.

              If that's off the table, then I'd want to move up in the draft. I don't see us getting too many opportunities to be in a situation where we were this awful. Getting an 8th pick after a crappy year is depressing. If we can package Ed or JJ and our #8 to move up (maybe with Sacramento), I'd go for it.

              If we can't move up.. then I'd possibly trade down if we can get a really good asset with it. Like trading #8 for Lowry and Houston's #14. Or trading #8 for Nash and Phoenix's #13.

              If we can't get Gay, can't move up, or can't move down by getting a serious asset in return, at that point I'd just keep the pick, and hope we can get Lillard.


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                I feel that trading the pick would only be best if you walk away from the deal with a high-talent forward who can score and defend at a high level (Igoudala, Deng, Gay, Granger, Smith, Wallace). Otherwise, keeping the pick is a very servicable last resort when you consider the talent likely to be available (Lillard, Lamb, Waiters, Rivers, Ross).

                Interestingly there are legitimate ways to move up a couple spots, Portland's 6th pick in particular. Portland is taken care of at the SF position with Batum and at the 6th slot only a big (likely Drummond) or one of the top 2 SFs should be available. If it's Drummond, they take him and keep him. If it's Barnes or MKG, they may consider Lillard instead. But because GSW at 7th already has the PG position locked down, Lillard could easily fall to the Raptors at 8th.

                This way a deal could be made. If only a SF is available for Portland at 6th then they draft him for the Raptors who would then simply select Lillard for them at 8th. Perhaps the Raptors either send Future Picks or Cash their way in the swap (a player like Ed Davis would be too much). But if Portland was to select Lillard or Leonard anyways, both guys that would be available at 8th, then this deal nets them more value and the Raptors walk away with a high talent and character SF of the future. If Portland were to pass on the deal and forego selecting whichever SF was available GSW would grab the player at 7th in a heartbeat. Just food for thought.


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                  Trade it!

                  Trade the pick for an impact player, but if a deal doesn't present itself, use it.
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                    koncept wrote: View Post
                    I know that there's a thread for this, but instead of reading it all I'd rather view everyones opinion from a poll.
                    Then why not just ask for a poll in the original thread?
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                      I did not know you could edit to add a poll. I don't create very many threads
                      in masai we trust

                      water covers 98% of the earth, Mitchell Robinson covers the other 2%