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  • Bring Vince back?

    RaptorBlog(Scott): One of the reasons a lot of Raptors fans might be interested in your possible free agency plans is that a lot of fans hold on to the hope that you’ll finish your career in a Toronto Raptors uniform. Assuming the Raptors submitted an appealing offer in that situation, is that something you would consider?

    Vince: Of course it’s something that I would definitely consider. And it’s something in the free agency this year, once everything was worked out with Phoenix and I was a free agent, that was a question I was asked by my family and by my agent. He’s like ‘what if?’ and I was like, ‘hey, definitely, we’ll hear what they have to say.’ So I never rule it out.

    I hope he comes back. He should end his career here. And to be real, I'm over it. It happened how ever long ago, yes what he did was soft as **** but he is the best player to ever player here and the reason a lot of people got into this team.

    I think Carter still has a year or 2 left and would welcome him back

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    We need vets that can defend. He was doggin' it on defence when he was in his prime. What would people expect from him now that he's fat and old?
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