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    Jonas has been the source of much angst and anticipation in Toronto for a year now and it seems his arival is finally imminent. The question is; how good is he really? Can he assume the starting C role at some point this season? Where is his ceiling as a player?

    I am of the school of thought that staying in Lithuania to compete on a team full of grown men while being coached by one of Casey's former assistants was the best way for him to develop for the past 12 months. Also, he appeared to be dominant last week in Houston, as usual. Can we project him to be a future star C in this league? Casey was quoted saying he would end up being a Joakim Noah type in the worst case. Based on his motor, mobility give his size, and his excellent rebounding ability he appears to be a Tyson Chandler with a much more polished offensive game. If thrown into a starting role right now I could see him averaging 10ppg 8rpg and 1.5bpg in 27 minutes or so. And this is at 20. Imagine at 25 or 26.