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Draft Game: Want, Don't Wan't, Will Take, Praying For, Praying Against

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  • Draft Game: Want, Don't Wan't, Will Take, Praying For, Praying Against

    It's a game, play it

    I'm assuming we keep #8 and don't trade the player.

    Want: Beal, Lillard, MKG

    If one these falls, it's happy dance time.

    Don't Wan't: Rivers, Barnes, Perry Jones, Drummond

    The Four Horsemen of the Eternal Losing and Damnation.

    Will Take: Jared Sullinger, John Henson, Will Barton, Terrence Ross, Terrence Jones, Dion Waiters

    These guys will all be productive players, the biggest issue with Sullinger is his health with the whole leg thing.

    Praying For: Bradley Beal.

    It would take up to 6 GMs to suddenly succumb to mental illness, but hope springs eternal.

    Praying Against: Austin Rivers

    I'm the head councilor at camp ABR (anybody but Rivers).

    I will breath a sigh of relief if we draft anybody other than Rivers, the most sure-fire bust on the board.

    Your Turn...

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    Want: barnes

    Don't Wan't: waiters

    Will Take: beal, lilard, rivers

    Praying For: mkg

    Praying Against: pj3


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      please don't ask why I added an apostrophe to the word want.


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        Want: Harrison Barnes or PJ3

        Don't Want:
        Damien Lillard

        Will Take: Brad Beal or Austin Rivers

        Praying for: Barnes

        Praying Against: Damien Lillard
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          Want: MKG/Beal

          Don't Want: Zeller/Henson

          Will Take: Lamb/Barnes/Sullinger/Lilliard

          Praying for: MKG/Anthony Davis

          Praying Against: Rafael Aruajo repeat


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            Want: Waiters, PJ3

            Don't Want: Lillard

            Will Take: Lamb, Rivers

            Praying for: Beal, Barnes, MKG

            Praying against: Sullinger


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              Want: Lilliard, Rivers, Barnes

              Don't want: Waiters, Henson

              Will Take: Drummond, PJ3

              Praying For: MKG

              Praying Against: Lamb, Zeller, Ross


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                Want : Barnes, MKG, Beal

                Don't want : Drummond, Sullinger

                Will take : Lillard, PJ3, Rivers

                Praying for : Barnes, MKG

                Praying against : no pick (I know we said that we assume the pick does not get traded, but to be honest, I'm all about Jonas, so I'm ready to accept any lottery pick, even if it does not work out as planned. But I want a second lottery rookie).


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                  Fun thread idea, Quirk.

                  Want: Barnes, MKG, Lillard

                  Don't want: Drummond, PJ3, Robinson, Henson, T. Jones, Sullinger
                  My 'don't wants' are based on picking #8 - acquiring another first round pick for one of these guys who may happen to slip would be great - yes, I'm looking at you Sullinger.

                  Will take: Waiters, Ross, Lamb, Harkless

                  Praying for: Houston to trade up to 5 for Drummond, Portland to take Lillard, GSW to take Waiters, leaving one of MKG or Barnes at 8 OR acquiring Gay and then getting another late lottery pick to take Ross, Lamb, Waiters, or Lillard.

                  Praying against: the arrival of July 1st and the Raptors have not added significant salary which means to use their cap space in free agency they have to renounce rights to Bayless, Gray, Weems, the MLE, and the Barbosa TPE. Of course, they could make a trade after July 1st and retain all the before mentioned but I'm tired of waiting and the waiting is the hardest part.


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                    Want: Barnes

                    Don't Want: Drummond, Robinson, Sullinger, PJIII, T.Jones, Henson, Zeller (unless used as trade bait)

                    Will Take: MKG, Lillard, Rivers, Lamb, Waiters

                    Praying For: Beal (or a trade for Rudy Gay)

                    Praying Against: 1) a 'big' being the BPA... JV, AB, AJ, ED... enough is enough 2) seeing Beal, Barnes, MKG or Lillard being drafted by GS at #7, thanks to the Raps losing the coin flip!
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                      Want: Anthony Davis, MKG, Robinson, Beal, Sullinger

                      Don't Want: Lamb, Rivers

                      Will Take: Drummond, Barnes, Lillard, Marshall, PJ3

                      Praying For: Anthony Davis, Bargnani traded for a pick, Jonas kicking ass

                      Praying Against : trading down, trading out, not drafting the best player available


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                        Want : Beal, Barnes, T-Rob

                        Don't want : When you play below .400 ball consecutive years you take anybody that is better than what you got.

                        Will take : MKG, Waiters, Lillard, Lamb

                        Praying for : Anthony Davis

                        Praying against : Going "all in" this season by trading out of the draft for an aging veteran(s).


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                          Want: Beal, Rivers, Lillard, and new jerseys.

                          Dont want: Waiters, Drummond, Lamb

                          Will take: PJ3, Marshall

                          Praying for: Austin Rivers

                          Praying against: Dion Waiters


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                            Want: MKG, Beal, Lillard

                            Dont want: Rivers, PJ3, Lamb

                            Will take: Drummond (primarily because a lucrative trade possibility)

                            Praying for: MKG

                            Praying against: Any projected 2nd rounder (the big gamble by BC)

                            Much earlier this year I made the statement that anyone passing over MKG will regret it. I still am not willing to give up on his well publicized ability to do anything it takes for the TEAM. This would include his current deficiency of his jump shot. He just wont allow that to happen I believe. And he was the leader @ 18 on the UK championship team which included the #1 consensus choice.


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                              Want: Lillard, Waiters, Barnes

                              Don't want: Rivers, Sullinger, PJ3

                              Will take: MKG, Drummond

                              Praying for: Robinson to slip (I don't care how many PF's we have, that's the next Amare right there). Quincy Miller SOMEHOW, just not with the 8th. And Will Barton to slip to #37.

                              Praying Against: Rivers. For the love of all that's good, NOT Rivers. I'll legitimately be upset if we pick him at #56.