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Disgruntled Fans 2012: Extended stinkfest? (#296)

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    What? I've already told you I like Lowry, I support the trade, and I think that he could very easily be our best player next year.

    My original argument is that if Lowry is your best player then you're not a very good team (i.e: the rockets last year)
    Overall, I think the Raptors 2012-13 roster, as of today, is much better than the Rockets roster last year, although not by much. So easier conference, with Bulls, Hawks and soon to be Magic I foresee not having as great of a season as the previous, I think the Raptors are good for at least the 8th spot in the east.

    Very good team ... is a vague classification, a general assumption that is left for interpretation. But I would suggest that there would only be 5 very good teams in the NBA. (ie: Carmelo Anthony was the Knicks' best player = they were not a very good team) meanwhile, (Roy Hibbert was Indiana's best player & they would have had a stronger bid for being considered a very good team)

    -- Charles Barkley