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  • Draft Winner and Losers

    New Orleans - One word, playoff. Anthony Davis will change the franchise for this team along with Austin Rivers, great facilitator to replace J.Jack or E.Gordon if he decides to leave.

    Charlotte - MKG will fit well with the Bobcats, will definitely bring interior toughness to the team. Walker-Henderson-MKG-Byombo-FA C look like a young core to build around.

    Washington - Beal will shoot the lights out with Wall being the floor general.

    Sacramento - They got their PF in Thomas Robinson. Robinson and Cousins will be the new generation breed of the twin towers.

    Portland - They hit the jackpot and got their players in D.Lilliard and M.Leonard

    Goldenstate - They found a franchise player in H.Barnes, along with Curry, Thompsons and Bogut, the Warriors suddenly got better and not to mention, Festus Ezili, great backup C for Bogut

    Detroit - Huge steal for the Pistons at nabbing A.Drummond at No.9.

    Milwaukee - John Henson is a steal for the Bucks, future hall of famer, book it.

    Phoenix - They found a replacement for Steve Nash in Kendall Marshall

    Dallas - Not sure who they got but a couple of few draft picks from the Cavs really help this team to build their depth

    Orlando - Andrew Nicolsson will get to play alongside Dwight Howard, great pick

    Boston - The Celtics got their future PF and C in check in Sullinger and Melo along with fellow Syracuse Orange, Kris Joseph. This could keep Melo signed for the team for longer term

    Atlanta - John Jenkins is a steal at 23, i see him as this year's Monta Ellis or better, a good replacement for the aging Joe Johnson

    Oklahoma - The Thunder got a steal for Perry Jones III who will backup Durant for years to come or start for this team at the PF position, great talent plays for a great team

    Chicago - The Bulls learnt their lesson in the post-season, they got a backup PG for Rose.

    San Antonio - Believe me, Marcus Denmon is the next Manu Ginobili.

    Cleveland - Clearly the Cavs don't have any idea what they are doing, at 4th pick, you guys select Dion Waiters, a bit too high for this guy, Waiters at the best is a Leandro Barbosa, not when you have T.Robinson, H.Barnes, D.Lilliard on board. Tyler Zeller is gonna be a bust, book it and you trade a second round gem in Jarred Cunningham to the Mavs, you guys must be crazy; however you still have Jae Crowder and let's hope you guys won't trade him.

    Toronto - Terrence Ross, wtf is wrong BC. When Drummond and Rivers are on board. Quincy Acy is a steal but so was Quincy Miller, we could've gotten Quincy Miller at 37. Who da f is Tarinslav Z.... he looks like a European Michael Cera.

    Houston - Lamb, R.White, T.Jones don't seem very intriguing when you have K-Mart, C.Parsons, and M.Morris. Basically you have found either the replacement or backup for the three players.

    Denver - Evan Fournier is at the best, Anthony Parker, a bit too early to have him pick at No.20 when you have Sullinger and Melo on board.

    Memphis - Last year Josh Selby, this year, Tony Wroten Jr and you guys have Arenas. What are you guys thinking, three Arenas clone of a chucker for the Grizzlies, come on.

    Indiana - Miles Plumlee, are you kidding me, as if Psycho T is not enough for you guys to handle. Plumlee is a late second round guy, come on.

    Philly - Harkless and Moultrie don't make a right when you have Igoudala and T.Young on board unless one of them is traded, i guess Moultrie can replace E.Brand

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    I don't understand drafting Rivers by Hornets. I like Rivers but I don't see how he'll work out beside Eric Gordon. I think they should've just reached and taken a real PG like Kendall Marshall instead and allowed Gordon to carry the offense. Who knows if Rivers even knows how to be a good passer, he certainly wasn't in college.


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      It might be insurance since Gordon is always injured.

      -- Charles Barkley


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        Bill Simmons rakes the Cavs over the coals for passing on JV last year and going for Waiters yesterday, remarking that with some patience they could have JV and Thomas Robinson in fold instead of Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters and that they would have had no need for Tyler Zeller and could have drafted a good wing player like Evan Fournier or John Jenkins to fill that need with their second pick.