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  • DaveKim
    I am expecting big moves. Starting with steve nash. he may only be a shadow of himself, but in short spurts, 20-24 mins, he will have a huge impact on the game.

    Casey already mentioned Ross isn't ready to start and will probably bring him off the bench and mentions Demar as the eventual closer. So i guess we are keeping both of them.

    This leaves us with Amir, Calderon, and Ed to trade. Wonder what they could return?

    FA: are there any notables on at SF? Grant Hill? Nic Batun...But I'm sure he's a lock in at portland since they passed on barnes and opted for lillard.

    I hope we get a good PG and good SF. Please BC, don't disappoint us again. Im still recovering from the draft.

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  • Jclaw
    started a topic 48 Hours

    48 Hours

    I'm still digesting the draft but we can't overlook that "hit the ground running" angle that was born when we traded Barbosa. It gave us a short window when we have a head start in cap room. That 48 hours has begun. Bryan even reminded us of it this morning on the radio. So, what's your bet? Does it bring us Gay? Does it join other great intentions in the dust? At least we get to be anxious ahead of everyone else.