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This team is a joke. We have a losing culture.

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  • This team is a joke. We have a losing culture.

    Demar and Davis will never be good enough to crack a contender's rotation. Neither have improved since getting on this team and both have terrible trade value. Davis, in particular, routinely looks overwhelmed.

    Bargnani has peaked as a injury-prone jump shooter with zero nose for the ball & average-at-very-best defending. Oh, and he's not actually that great of a shooter.

    We've baffled draft experts again (with both our picks); I've yet to see 1 clip of Ross doing a move he could actually pull of against an NBA defender.

    We have 2 player with a passible basketball IQ and we're rumoured to amnisty one (Jose) and the other has a contract the other teams laugh at (Amir).

    The starting SF couldn't crack Chicago's rotation and has a higher % of body fat than the coach.

    Matt and Leo are BRUTAL (especially Leo). Raps TV have zero decent original programming. Jones and Hamilton are among the worst sports analysts I've ever seen.

    Our GM has steadily risen to the become the league's biggest front office laughing stock. He continually gets played by agents like a drum and NOBODY that follows the team trusts him.

    Gary frickin Forbes is a rotation player for us.

    Fans are banking on FA's to come here but our biggest signings ever are Hakeem Olajawan's corpse and Linus Keilza.

    Our 2 hopes for a successful season are Steve Nash (37 years old, not coming here) and an extremely raw talent that we desperately need to become one of the top 5 Euro players of all time, who's "needs improvement" categories include 1 on 1 defense, learning NBA rotations and post offense.

    Our mascot is ugly

    Our games are never on the same channel.

    We are owned the the same people the own the goddamn Leafs.

    We have a decent coach and decent looking uniforms, hang your hats on that gentlemen. See you in the lottery next year (when we will undoubtedly blow the pick).