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Should the Raptors fire Bryan Colangelo?

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  • Should the Raptors fire Bryan Colangelo?

    Seems like a appropriate time to take the temperature in the room here. His moves are getting lambasted on twitter, and the guy's been a laughing stock in the media for a while now. Super-risky moves after a few years of youth/rebuilding.

    3 Choices. Immediately, after he bombs this summer & next season is another tanking effort, or the incomprehensible "i still trust him" option.

    I'm going with immediately. Feilds is a zero, and BC's spent 2 of our last 4 lotto picks on 2-gaurds. Even if we get Nash at the number reported, we're basically given max money to the Nash/Fields combo. Given that Fields is not good enough to see the floor for a contender, we're paying max money for Steve Nash at 39, 40, and 41 years of age. That's a disaster that will set back the youth/rebuilding movement by another 1/2 decade. Add in the talk of amnestying Jose, getting nothing out of Davis & Derozen picks, getting stuck in the lotto for 4 straight years with zero improvement, all the horrible trades trying to appease Bosh (JO anyone?), failure to retain Bosh, continued failure to address team needs (rebounding), and the fact that Raps TV and Raps coverage in general are terrible.... all this adds up to fire-worthiness.

    Interested to see the responses from others.