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ESPN's Stein Thinks Bosh Will Re-sign in Toronto

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  • ESPN's Stein Thinks Bosh Will Re-sign in Toronto

    Definitely some good news.

    As recently as mid-September, I think it's fair to say the consensus was that Bosh was the big name most likely to leave his current team in the summer. But all of our checking with Raptors insiders suggests otherwise.

    Teammates Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani recently have made public declarations of their belief that Bosh loves Toronto as a city and doesn't want to leave, which meshes with everything I've heard in the past week. The distinct feeling I was left with is that Bosh wants to be the undisputed star on his team and wants to play in a happening metropolis he enjoys. The Raptors and Toronto can make those things happen.
    So I believe the fresh guidance I've been given, which suggests Toronto -- as we stand some 230 days away from free agency -- is Bosh's most likely destination for the 2010-11 season and beyond.

    If the Raps' season unravels and they fail to make the playoffs -- after an expensive summer of renovations highlighted by the acquisitions of Hedo Turkoglu and Bosh's best friend from college, Jarrett Jack -- things obviously could change again. And I don't think anything written here will prevent teams from lobbing in trade offers for Bosh between now and the trade deadline in February, which always could change the Raptors' plans.

    But if you're asking me today to predict what will happen with Bosh next summer, I say he stays. Every indication I get is that Bosh likes his current setup in Canada much more than we Yankee outsiders imagine.
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