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Are the Raptors in trouble?

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    alright seeya gman


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      Gman wrote: View Post
      Are the Raptors in trouble? Really? Let's not mince words about this. They're dead in the water. Drowned like a rat. It's over. There's no conceivable way for us to build a really good and competitive team. It's not going to happen
      Not with the fall out and perception that this is going to justify and perpetuate.

      'Yeah, did you hear about Nash, even Captain Canada doesn't want to play for those crappy Raptors.'
      'I heard it was because he wanted to be close to his kids.'
      'Yeah, Phoenix is 600 miles away from LA. That was just a bullshit excuse so he could chase a ring.'

      Between this and the Heat winning the wrong way...the game is different now. The spoiled players reverse engineering championship teams...the rigged dunk contest...I think I'm done. I was in the stands and watched Mighty Mouse beat the greatest basketball team of all time. I used to work out and listen to the raptors games on the radio because I didn't have a tv. My wife and I have on a few occasions sang the national anthem at the ACC Christmas games. Seriously. No shit.

      But it's gotten to the point where I find myself watching games hoping other teams lose instead of teams winning. That's not healthy. The vitriol on these sites and message boards has gotten dark and mean-spirited because it's easier in some ways to go there than to admit how little hope there really is.

      Anyway, rant over. I was the hardcore guy who is heading out the back door now because I can't take the perpetual disappointment that goes along with being a Raps fan. I used to tease my friends who were leafs fans about needing to be medicated...yeah be careful what you mock. That shit comes right back at you.


      Which is about 45min to an 1hr flight.

      For a man of his resources, $1000 on first class tickets every week or two is a drop in the bucket.


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        raptors are fucked!! thanks BC!!!


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          Hugmenot wrote: View Post

          In this day and age when so many Canadian citizens are struggling to make ends meet, we should lobby the government to reduce the tax burden of millionaire foreign athletes!

          That's an easy and fair proposition to sell.

          A thriving sports franchise can indirectly generate more taxable revenue from ticket sales and merchandise vs a half empty building every night. An example of this concept would be Tourism. To increase tourism Canada used to give American tourists GST rebates. I used to work at a duty free when I was a kid where we would have people come in with all of the receipts they had from their trip and we would total up how much GST they paid and give them a refund. Over the course of the year I have no doubt we gave more GST money back to American tourists than what would be lost from not taxing 15 professional athletes or at least reducing the taxes to be on par so it is a non issue.

          However the sarcasm in your post does indicate to me that this would be a tough sell to the average Canadian. At least these disheveled Canadians in your post would be able to enjoy an exciting brand of basketball to lift their spirits. :P


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            KHD wrote: View Post
            Losing out on Nash is, in my opinion, a massive blow for this team. The basketball reasons (lol) are perhaps secondary to the effects of having the greatest Canadian player of all time refuse to finish his career on Canada's only team, giving up about 30% salary to do so. I don't hold any real ill will towards him, but basically, if Nash won't sign here, who will?

            Its a great question but really, an uber-competitive perenial allstar 2 time MVP at the end of his career going to play with KOBE in LALA land? It has nothing to do with the Raptors or the city.

            It has everything to do with were the team is at now. Drafting Bargs and loosing bosh for nothing ***.... thats the killer.
            "I may be wrong ... but I doubt it"


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              G-locity wrote: View Post
              raptors are fucked!! thanks BC!!!
              Think again homie


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                Soooooo the Raps get Lowry.

                Still think they're in trouble?

                Funny how quickly opinion swings huh?


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                  Lark Benson wrote: View Post
                  Soooooo the Raps get Lowry.

                  Still think they're in trouble?

                  Funny how quickly opinion swings huh?
                  People are funny like that sometimes. I can't say that I didn't think that BC has disappointed but I want to see what else he can pull off as a backup and I have to say that I'm kinda impressive. People will be praising BC now for re-salvaging the offseason. Like I've said before, people overreact way too quickly, but that's what fans do no matter what team they are rooting for. It makes for good drama and laughs.


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                    I wonder if Home Hardware has run out of pitchforks yet, the villagers seem mighty restless. LMAO


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                      The pressure is all on BC.

                      He has to deliver now. He has to justify the low-ceiling draft picks this year which suggest we are trying to compete right now. And for that he has to bring in a big name signing with all the capspace we have accumulated.

                      I will wait for the end of off-season before l I start calling for his head

                      Apollo wrote: View Post
                      I'd like to hear the explanation for why Ross has a low ceiling. How is this being measured?

                      we all know both picks were low ceiling for the obvious reasons. Raw talent rated by several scouts were available on the board yet we drafted seniors with a more polished game.