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Raptors in discussion with 76ers for Igoudala (Thorn denies rumor (#163)

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  • To add on to ^^, I would like a proven veteran who has skills & Iguodala fits the bill.

    As I said before, I would have liked Rudy Gay, but that doesn't seem realistic at all now. Iguodala is a great defensive player. A lot of posters have argued that his win share metrics are up there in the top 10 (maybe even higher), it is because his defensive win shares are immense.

    I have compared his stats with other potential small forward targets the Raptors could have/could still go for, and he simply has the best impact +/- among all of them, a list that includes Gay, Batum, Kirilenko, Granger, Fields, Barnes and Ariza. (don't ask why I had Ariza in there).

    Iguodala, for me, is a mini-LeBron. Why not have someone like that. He's unselfish enough that he wouldn't have to worry about carrying the offense. We have scorers for that & yes, I consider Bargnani, DeRozan and Lowry as scorers. He can defend, be a secondary ball-handler, get to the rim, etc. He is an all-star at the end of the day.
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    • If there is a deal for AI out there then pull the trigger. I do not care which one of these marginal guys you deal along with Calderon. AI fits this team more than any of those guys do. If we retrospect this trade down the line and see who won and if any of the pipe dreams for these players came true then oh well. In the mean time we can enjoy one of the best defensive teams in the league for years to come. What Casey was able to do with guys not known for defense was nice, can you imagine how good it can be after we brought in guys known for their defense? lol..


      • Mapko wrote: View Post
        And a fraction of cost (13 vs less than $3 mil).
        According to, Johnson shot:

        .419 from 3-9 feet
        .342 from 10-15 feet
        .295 from 16 feet to 3-pt line

        He is a horrendous, horrendous, HORRENDOUS mid-range shooter (and as mentioned above, a poor long-distance shooter as well).


        • DaveKim wrote: View Post
          I would have to think Derrick Williams is more attractive than Ed and Demar/Ross.
          Also, as noted above, i think that us being a division rival will play in their minds.
          I seriously doubt Portland would have much interest in Williams. First, he's a tweener who seriously disappointed in his rookie year. Second, Portland just re-signed Hickson as their backup PF and is also bringing over Victor Claver from Europe, so Williams wouldn't likely see much time at PF. Third, if Williams' only role with Portland would be at SF, why wouldn't they just match the offer for Batum, since he's significantly better.

          Aside from potentially replacing Batum, Portland's most pressing needs are at C and PG. Neither Minny or Toronto can offer much of a C. Minny could offer Ridnour at PG and Toronto could offer Calderon. Both teams have several wings they could offer as well. Minny's biggest advantage might be the 1st round picks they can offer, which Toronto can't (at least not without big time conditions attached to the pick).

          It will certainly be interesting to watch this Batum drama unfold.


          • I am kind of hoping Batum ends up on Minnesota and it is because Portland did not match.

            Philly will have one less suitor for AI.

            I was initially dead set against AI but a few good points from people here and looking at some advanced stats has changed my tune.


            • Now that he discussion for Iggy no longer realistically includes a 1st round pick I like the pickup.

              Don't get me wrong I like JJ, but as I have said many time he is rotation not starter, and can be replaced/back filled relatively easily.


              • Iggy was player of the game last night TRADE FOR HIM NOW