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Upgrade the team for $5M/yr without affecting the cap

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    KingMaxwell47 wrote: View Post
    The Toronto Raptors are a professional multi-million dollar organization. I'm sure they already have all of the staff listed, we just aren't told about it. "Raptors Hire a New Nutritionist" isn't exactly front-page news.
    It should be ! Nutrition is by far the main reason why athletes and records have improved so much in every single sport in the past 30 years.

    With 82 games + playoffs per year, it is absolutely ridiculous to even think about eating one slice of pizza. And yet, tell me they don't.


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      ebrian wrote: View Post
      Holy moly, do these guys really earn that much? I believe the average head coach salary in 2010 was $2M. A big man coach gets $1M now? And the shooting coach makes as much as the psychologist, 2 life coaches, a full time nutritionist and an investment advisor -- combined? That better be one helluva shooting coach!
      To go along with Puffer: I am sure big man or shooting coaches don't make that much. And why not pay that much for the best? Start a bidding war for them! People will happily propose amnesty, i.e., spend $5M paying a player to not play. Why not invest $5M to make every player better. As said, a 'Moneyball' for support staff.