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Weems renounced - now unrestricted free agent

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    CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
    Delfino trade was under the old CBA. The new one was signed at the start of this season, which ended the lockout. That is the exact type of deal this clause prohibits.
    Thank's. Stand corrected.
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      Eric Akshinthala wrote: View Post
      If there is such a clause it must be in the new CBA because if you remember Carlos Delfino who played in Europe for a year was dealt to the Bucks.

      Since you mentioned Kirilenko, I wonder if Colangelo and Co. are considering him for SF. Always liked him.
      Ak-47 is gonna go full clip for CSKA for one more year according to various reports including rotoworld.
      LET'S GO RAP-TORS!!!!!


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        Matt52 wrote: View Post
        He was never coming back.

        I assume this to mean the Raptors couldn't find a suitor willing to give up an asset for him and no team is willing to offer more than the minimum.

        **Just my assumptions there/No fact to support the claim**

        lol. Its amazing how opinions on the web can turn into fact...dumb espn analysts.