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Brendan Haywood Amnestied

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  • Brendan Haywood Amnestied

    Mav's Amnestied their starting centre today. Brendan Haywood is a 7'0" 260 lb enforcer who has always been an above average rebounder and defender over his career. He's a veteran, a former champion, and he's more than capable of starting for us until Jonas is ready. Also, Haywood has played beside Nowitzky for recent years and will know how to compliment Bargnani. He played for Casey before so he might already know how to excel in our system and maybe he has a good relationship with him. He should come at a reasonable price and would absolutely take care of one of our pressing needs, and we wouldn't have to give up a lot to get him either. If we start him and he can give us 6ppg and 7rpg in around 20-25 mpg I think it would be a valuable signing. With his size he could serviceably guard the biggest post players in the league.

    Hopefully BC at least inquires and makes a good offer, I hope he wouldn't overpay though. Any more then $4-5 M on a 1 or 2 year deal (player option probably) would be too much in my opinion. Thoughts???