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Raps will continue to suck for years

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  • Raps will continue to suck for years

    If they trade DeRozen and Davis for Iggy and quit on JJ Amir

    they will loose:
    - Bayless
    - Derozen
    - Alabi
    - Davis
    - J Johnson
    - A Johnson (All in early 20's... so much for youngunz + weems)

    It's Jemain O'neil for Hibbert again... in 3-4 years Iggy/Deng will be done and Kyle may end up being a top lottery pick for Rockets. I like Lowry but lets hope he stays healthy, and not too much like his best buddy Alvin williams who played so hard his body broke down for good.

    Sure they got two lottery picks and added Kyle L (26) and Fields - maybe?? (24) but at the end of the Day if you can't keep players in their prime 25-32 sort of age you will be in the endless cycle of lottery.

    We have seen so many other teams build themselves since the Raps have fallen out of the playoffs. Orlando, Pacers, thunder etc.. and BC to save his job is going for broke in order to maybe land 5th or 6th seed in the next year or two.... That is why I am not in favor of Trading Davis or Derozen. Unless there is some comparable youth coming back.

    I am not in favor of throwing in the towel on the best defensive player on the team JJ.

    I know I will get flamed for this post but it is how I feel.
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