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    Michel G wrote: View Post
    What's funny, is that there are no above average/all star SF free agents that we can sign. What do you and pillowmint want BC to do, conjure one out of thin air. There was never any available. And don't mention Batum, that was never an option. The only avenue was the trade market, but why would anybody with a stud SF trade him? They're like gold. Raptors' management is slowly changing the makeup of the team. Last year was an audition year and obviously Bayless and James Johnson failed. For me, I'm looking forward to next season and see if the new additions will fare better. I think they
    I didn't say it was easy, the fact is BC made a mistake by signing fields. No one knows if a trade for iguodala or gay would've been possilble anyways, but BC reducing our financial flexibility by signing fields b/c he was so hell bent on steve nash (which he miscalculated) means that a trade for either of the two is less likely. And he is at fault b/c of that.

    How BC gets the guy is not my problem, Im hard pressed myself to finds a solution, I've got work early tomorrow and don't spend nearly as much time on here as I used to. but doing poorly next year means:
    1. our pick (that could potential be the golden stud sf you are referring to) goes to houston
    2. if we do poorly no free agents are going to want to come here.

    so it's a lose lose situation.

    Im not going to respond to the other guy (noprops) b/c he is a known idiot/troll/teen.